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Poll: Would you sign petition to legalize medical marijuana in Utah?

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  • phil Culver

    Maybe. Maybe not. Depends on the wording of the poll. But its a stupid question at this point. Both the idea and your poll of a prospective poll. Dumb.

    • phil Culver

      My screen finally caught up with itself. Based on your poll question, the answer is NO. Aspirin is on the shelves for medical reasons. Do you want weed to be there too? Stupid polling question.

      • Sara

        if you read that headline it’s legalized medical marijuana not legalize marijuana BIG DIFDERENCE your not even close. This is a regulated controlled idea for certain ppl. so is the poll question stupid or is it your answer. You dont seem to be educated in the topic or what the details are. Please read the bill, regulations and law. Just do a bit more research plz. putting marijuana on the shelves of any store isnt what is going on but nice try, thanks

    • JamesOJones

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  • brent

    Yes we have all been shoving pills down our throats for years. I think this is a better solution for those who need it. Fortunately I don’t need to take pills for anything right now but you never know. I support this 100 %

  • Iron Sapper

    Absolutely, I suffer from chronic pain caused by feraminol stenosis in my neck. I would much rather consume something herbal than take the high does of opiods that I’m on.

  • Diane Smith

    yes, in a heart beat. Has so many uses, Have you ever heard of someone overdosing from marijuana? I’ve had too many friends that have died from taking too many pain pills from chronic pain.

  • Scott G

    Yes, and the church need’s to stay out of this one. I know devout members suffering from cancer it won’t save then but it does help with there quality of life.. And they are forced to do it illegally.

  • G. Barney

    Yes it should be legalized. The helpful qualities out weigh the opinion of any religion. If they want a say in all of the politics they should be taxed accordingly!


    I have epilepsy, MS, Depression, and Anxiety. My vote is yes. If there is something that would help better than taking 14 pills every single day, then why not.

  • SueW

    Absolutely legalize medical cannabis in every State! It has been proven to starve Cancer cells and a plethora of other findings make it’s prohibition ludicrous. Obviously voters are deciding to legalize Cannabis Nationwide as we all know that it is only powerful forces in law enforcement and government who benefit from this “war” on a simply amazing healing herb.
    Some of us have been using it, illegal or not, for decades in rebuttal to what we view as a completely insane National assault on American’s civil rights by an INTRUSIVE government.
    In time the war on Cannabis will prove to be a black eye for the Feds and our local municipalities. Hopefully they will be able to earn our respect back as our Police are only enforcing ridiculous LAWS but they receive the fallout from the fiasco!
    It’s too bad the prisons for profit exacerbated the already insane and inhumane WAR ON drugs.
    The same folks who make the big bucks locking up nonviolent Cannabis users also invest in the rehab facilities! This is just INSANITY and we the people have said ENOUGH!!

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