Ogden mother arrested after driving teens around on egging spree

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OGDEN, Utah -- An Ogden mom was booked into Weber County Jail this past weekend for leading a vehicle full of teenagers on an egg throwing vandalism spree.

Jennifer Terry, 44, of Ogden has been charged with one count of causing a catastrophe.

According to Riverdale Police, Terry was responsible for throwing an estimated 10 to 15 dozen eggs at between 10 and 20 homes on the night of August 20th. The houses were located across four different cities: Riverdale, Washington Terrace, Ogden and South Ogden.

"When we came out of the house it was dripping all down the garage," said Kennedy Mitchell, one of the victims.

Mitchell recalls waking up in the middle of the night to the sound of eggs spattering against her Riverdale home.

"Maybe eggs can't hurt you but it's scary to have people targeting you as an individual and your window," said Mitchell.

"My husband spent about six hours or so trying to clean up, we tried various methods, of course he tried the power washing, the vinegar and water, the detergent," said Rebecca Mitchell.

Despite their best efforts, the Mitchells could not remove the stains from the exterior of their home. It will cost an estimated $2,300 to repair.

"It stains the stucco, you can not get it off and so they have to match the paint colors and repaint," said Rebecca.

Travis Larson lives a few blocks away, his house, as well as two of his vehicles, were also pelted with eggs.

"There are kids that do this and think that it's fun, it isn't, it's vandalism," said Larson.

According to police, Terry admitted to driving around her teenage daughter and six of her friends, throughout the neighborhoods, in her Ford Bronco, allowing them and possibly even encouraging them to throw the eggs.

"That's the part that makes me the most upset that there would be an adult thats supposed to have proper line of thinking that's actually shutteling the children around," said Larson.

Another egging victim, Jill Martin, said this is one of the strangest crimes she has ever heard of.

"Why in the world would you do something like that," said Martin.

Fox 13 went to Jennifer Terry's house to ask her that very question, but she had no comment.

According to the police report, Terry told officers that she was having family problems and she simply did not care.

Terry's charge is a Class A Misdemeanor. She faces up to a year in prison.



    Each and every one of the victims should sue this little creep in small claims court. It is easy to see why Jennifer Terry is having family problems.

    Oh, and yes, I’d take the parents of the teenagers who helped her to small claims court as well.

  • Mimi

    I think the teens should have faced charges too. They’re old enough to know right from wrong and face consequences.

  • linda baird

    How can you call this 44 year old woman a “mother” ? Mothers should be good examples, teaching their children right from wrong. It’s sad that there are good people out there that can’t have children and would make wonderful parents, and these kind of people have children. She’s mental and her children should be taken away, no one should have a mother like that! Her daughter will grow up to become “just like her”. She was also arrested in the past for providing alcohol to minors, what kind of a mother does that?? Time to grow up, become an adult and contribute in a positive way to society!

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