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Now Open: Express Lanes to speed up commute on I-15 in Davis County

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Express Lanes Express Pass open map

DAVIS COUNTY, Utah – The commute it getting a bit better for drivers in Davis County.

The I-15 Express Lanes between North Salt Lake and Farmington are now open to just about everyone. Express Lanes Express Pass open sign

Since the Utah Department of Transportation finished the I-15 South Davis project two months ago, only drivers who carpooled were allowed to use the Express Lanes.

Now UDOT has opened up the lanes to everyone except sole-occupant vehicles without an Express Pass.

Carpools, motorcycle riders, buses and those with an Express Pass can use the lanes as well.

The only reason the lanes were closed to certain drivers before is UDOT did not have the Express Pass technology in place.

“The system monitors traffic and the price goes up or down based on traffic congestion," UDOT 's Vic Saunders said. "We didn`t have the capability to do that between North Salt Lake and Farmington. It had to be tested; there were some kinks that had to be worked out.”

The Express Pass will charge you between 25 cents to $1 depending on how heavy traffic is along the highway.

MORE: Click here for complete information on the Express Pass

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