Chaffetz faces uphill battle for top job

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Utah's Rep. Jason Chaffetz is in a lonely spot.

Chaffetz thinks he has a real shot to be Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, but most of his colleagues will vote in secret without declaring open support for Chaffetz or his opponent, California Rep. and U.S. House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy.

Rep. Mia Love answered questions about Chaffetz' bid for the Speakership.

"You know Jason Chaffetz is a friend of mine, and he is a wonderful representative and for the state of Utah. That would be an amazing thing," said Love, referring to Chaffetz holding the position of Speaker.

Still, Love isn't jumping on board the Chaffetz Express.

"I'm not making any decisions until I get the people in my district telling me what they want me to do," Love said.


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    The only good thing coming out of California are the people fleeing that liberal bankrupt state. Whether Rep. Jason Chaffetz wins this fight doesn’t matter to me. He will re re-elected to the US House each and every time he decides to run for that office.

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