‘Soft lockdown’ at Oquirrh Hills Elementary lifted; suspicious package a false alarm

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A suspicious package triggered a soft lockdown at Oquirrh Hills Elementary School in Kearns August 26.

KEARNS, Utah — Unified Police Department personnel said an elementary school was on a ‘soft lockdown’ Wednesday afternoon and that students were being moved to the “relocatable” structures at the back of the campus  after a suspicious package was spotted near a door at the school, but just before 3:30 p.m. officials stated the restrictions had been lifted.

Police said students were being moved away from the area where the package was found until someone can properly assess and dispose of the object, and school officials later said the suspicious box was a false alarm and that the end of school schedule would resume as normal.

Unified Police Department and fire personnel responded to the scene, and for some time parents were asked not to come to the school to pick up children in order to allow emergency crews space to deal with the suspicious box. However, after the soft lock down was lifted the school returned to normal operations.

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