Wet roads blamed for rollover accident in South Jordan

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SOUTH JORDAN, Utah – Soggy roads are being blamed for a rollover accident in South Jordan overnight.

Police said, just after midnight, they found a dodge truck on its side which had collided with a parked car.

The female driver was taken to the hospital, her injuries were not life-threatening.

Two other passengers were treated at the scene.

The accident is still under investigation but officers say the woman may be facing charges.

Officers are reminding drivers to slow down at night, especially if roads are wet.


  • Cornelius

    Soggy roads? Totally understandable. It’s much easier to drive on crunchy roads. Doesn’t soggy have some connotation of being soft?

  • Jenny

    This accident had nothing to do with wet roads. If you look at the pictures, the roads are dry. The driver wouldn’t be facing charges for wet road conditions. Rumor has it, alcohol and speed were the factors in this accident.

  • Phyllicia Bishop

    They better get to investigating because I was at the scene immediately after the accident and those roads were definitely not wet.

  • Paul

    And once again, Mother Nature is blamed for people’s stupidity. If you can’t drive with Mother Nature’s changing attitudes, maybe you shouldn’t be driving? I can’t believe news reporters are still blaming the weather for car accidents. If I can change the way I drive in foul weather to prevent accidents, so can everyone else.

  • Nichole cook

    This is a lie! This is my car and my house AND I was the first responder! I have the police report. Wreck less driving, DUI, open containers, drug possession, distributing alcohol to minors, etc.

    There was ZERO moisture on the roads!!

  • Terrie Mills

    Fox quit please I have compassion for the news but there’s such thing as over kill please stop and let me enjoy getting on MY iPad

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