Pig wrestlers and protesters get into mud-slinging match at Utah County Fair

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UTAH COUNTY - A group of pig wrestlers and protesters got into a mud-slinging match in a pig pen at the Utah County Fair Wednesday. Pig wrestlers vs protesters Utah County Fair

A small group of activists disguised themselves as wrestlers to get into the ring and then revealed their real goal, to speak out against the event because they say it is animal cruelty.

One protester said, "The Utah County Fair is profiting on the exploitation of animals in a cruel manner."

However, others say the event isn't cause for concern and feel there are other "worse" things the group could protest when it comes to animals.

Pig wrestling has been common at the fair for a number of years and this is at least the second year protesters have shown up to express their displeasure with the activity.

Some of the protesters tell FOX 13 News they intend to pursue charges against those who pushed them from the ring.


  • tifotter

    I hope the man who attacked the peaceful protestor is arrested and charged with assault. It’s not surprising to see such casual violence against people in the midst of such egregious cruelty and disrespect to animals. Utah Couny Fair organizers need to take a hard look at what they’ve encouraged: Violence.

  • Brooklyn Jenkins

    I went to the Pig Wrestling event tonight on a date to have a good time and witnessed the entire thing. Feel free to email me if you have any questions about what happened when the protesters came into the arena tonight. It was quite the ordeal and way too dramatic!


        The police have a saying Malinda: “There are two reasons why you shouldn’t fight with a pig. You both get dirty and the pig likes it”.

      • Elaine Nazzaro

        Anyone participating in this abuse of pigs should be arrested for cruelty to animals. If they are children, then their parents should be arrested for allowing their children to do it. Do you people realize that you are traumatizing another living being? Are you people who are watching degenerate hillbillies? If not, then end this atrocity towards these innocent animals.

      • Elaine Nazzaro

        Prosecutable offenses, or not, people who attend these events or partake in them are seriously disturbed and enjoy watching abuse. The sad thing is that you people don’t even appear to know that it’s abuse!

      • PORKY PIG

        As long as our country continues to allow the slaughter and violent execution of innocent unborn baby boys and girls I’m not going to get real choked up over a little fun with porky.

  • The Lady from the Yakima Valley

    I think those complaining have only seen hogs from afar. If you’ve been around them much, you soon learn that they are very fast runners and will do so if they are afraid. Oh, and they scream over everything. I can’t go to horror movies anymore since they use a hog squealing for supposed evil beast / demon sounds and when I hear it, all I think is Hampshire, Yorkshire, Poland China, and Duroc.

    • Kay P

      Agreed. There is something sociopathic about a person who sees that as entertainment… Someone who enjoys hurting animals. Those poor children are being twisted at a very young age.

    • laytonian

      “Peaceful protests” are warranted in a civil rights situation. WHEN it’s a violent situation (as in “pig wrestling”), more force is required.

  • Rob

    I was also there at the front row tonight and witnessed the whole thing. While I would love to open a thoughtful discussion about the treatment of the animals and whether or not it is warranted calling it traumatic abuse, I think it also bears mentioning that the protesters in the ring entered in as paid contestants, then refused to leave even after making their point and their time was up. They were respectfully acknowledged & asked over the loudspeaker to exit the ring after the time expired, but they did not comply – they were possibly looking for trouble, even from official security/police. However, the forcible ejection (particularly by upending the one boy over the fence) by the team that jumped the fence was unwarranted and idiotic. While it was apparent they didn’t intend any serious harm, they will likely receive deserved misdemeanor simple assault charges. Hopefully people can get together and find the best solutions for the whole situation.

  • Hardy

    Protesters don’t really think things through do they? This wasn’t an effective protest even if their goal was to be able to sue someone.
    However, the guys from the pawn shop didn’t think things through either. How is starting a fight going to fix the problem? Worst case scenario someone gets hurt and the pawn shop or an individual gets sued or an individual goes to jail. Those boys sure weren’t thinking of their families when they jumped in the pin. Very stupid. Violence doesn’t solve problems it just causes new ones.
    What I thought was the saddest part of the whole situation was how people cheered when the protesters were hurt. What are we teaching our kids? I agree we could have a thoughtful debate about whether or not pig wrestling is good or bad, but cheering when we watch another human get hurt? And people wonder why school shootings are so much more prevalent now. I don’t wonder, it’s obvious to me that too many people don’t take seriously the consequences of raising a child. When a mind is barely 5 years old I think it’s inexcusable to expose it to the violence found in “comic book” movies or any movie. But people don’t want to find baby sitters or don’t know how to tell children no, and while most grow up normally, there are obviously more and more that grow up thinking violence is funny or that it has no consequences. What we really should be debating is how damaging all media, violent and sexual, can be on immature minds.

    • The Lady from the Yakima Valley

      I’d cheer, too. There are too many selfish, unthinking people who feel that they are entitled to disrupt any event they find “offensive” or “cruel” or whatever.

      My all time favorite is the woman in SF and her friends who disrupted dinner service at a San Francisco restaurant in order to talk about how evil corporate masters had tried to kill her daughter. It turns out her daughter is a meat chicken that she “rescued.”

      • Ashley (escapebybeauty)

        It’s selfish and unthinking to abuse animals. No one would think standing by and doing nothing were okay if someone were abusing a person…why do people think it’s preferable to do nothing if it’s an animal being abused? People don’t have the right to be entertained by events like these, without disruption; it’s selfish that anyone would think they do.

      • julie

        People are standing by and doing nothing to help the babies of late term abortion. I cant believe how upset people get over pig wrestling and what they feel is animal cruelty. I love animals but do i think this is animal cruelty? No. The protesters need to take there protest to the clinics that are killing unborn babies. That is a good cause for protest or is this part of the women’s rights your talking about. Pig or unborn baby….. unborn baby any day of the week

    • Sarah Silverman

      Standing by and doing nothing when you see cruelty is just as bad as committing the cruelty. Only the weak and ignorant are cruel. Fairs all across the country are ending pig wrestling events, the Wisconsin Fair being one of the latest. It’s unnecessary, outdated and needs to change.

  • sueshine

    Well done protesters! I applaud the presence of mind and bravery it takes to help open minds. Fear of any sentient being is NOT entertaining. Pigs are smarter than dogs and they feel pain and fear. Shame on us for making their suffering into our entertainment.

    • Yourmom

      Unlawful Assembly –
      A meeting of three or more individuals to commit a crime or carry out a lawful or unlawful purpose in a manner likely to imperil the peace and tranquillity of the neighborhood.

      They refused to yield the arena back to the sanctioned event. They disrupted the peace and procedures for a community event.

      Please go to the Utah county prosecutors office and file assault charges, so he can in turn hand you unlawful assembly and riot charges.

      If you think these “protestors” are brave, or doing something important for the world… Quit fooling yourself and get out of your box.
      Do you know how many tons of pork (and other foods) Russia is throwing in the incinerators right now just because it comes from the west, simply so Putin can give the west the finger.
      But no, these kids chasing a pig in the muck is much worse and far more deserving of your attention.

      • Cindy

        So funnt that you should use the words “peace and tranquility”! It’s like non-vegans argument that we should “live and let live” when justifying their killing because they “choose” to eat meat.
        Oh, the irony!

      • The Lady from the Yakima Valley

        Ah, the truth comes out. Just another bunch of Vegans claiming any use of animals whatsoever is cruelty.
        I recommend that you save a lab rat by heading to the nearest research center and volunteering to replace one in the next round of testing. Greater love hath no one, etc.

      • Ashley (escapebybeauty)

        If society were actually compassionate, we wouldn’t need protesters. It’s all interrelated– how we teach are kids to treat those smaller than us extends into having a peaceful world. It’s pretty important to protest such abuse and teach our children about ethics.

      • Sarah Silverman

        I think the protesters were very brave and are standing up for what compassionate people know is the right things to do – fight for animal rights and against their exploitation. I wish I could have joined them as I am sure so do many others.

      • PORKY PIG

        I smell a vegan among us. Sorry lady but it was burgers on the barbie last night, and sadly it will be burgers again tonight. I’m not real big on pork.

  • NathanDaSkate

    Most Protesters always have to have something to be upset about. Each team was given a time frame to compete in the contest, They were being disruptive by refusing to exit after they had been asked too. Anybody who would be upset about the pig and the contest have NEVER Spent any time on a Farm, Which is where the Idea of Pig wrestling came from. This practice has been around for along time. My dad and mom both grew up on the Mid-west Farm country and told stories of the OLD county fair days, this has gone on for a Long time. I hope the Sponsors of the Contest and the County fair sue the Protesters for Disruption and Public Nuisance

    • Sarah Silverman

      Just because we did things in the past as so-called “tradition” does not make it right. We are suppose to be evolving by becoming a more peace-based, less violent and more compassionate race. We had a long hard fight when we fought for women’s rights and also to abolish slavery. Animal rights will also be a long hard fight but each positive step of action will bring us closer to our goal. One love to all living beings.

  • Nurse Kate

    When someone said, “It’s like wrestling with your dog.” Who the hell throws their dog in a metal barrel after slamming it against a metal fence in the mud? Pig wrestling is cruel, against the kindness to animals statute and just plain horrible human behavior and we’re better than that Utah!!

  • laytonian

    Why don’t you “pig wrestlers” just wrestle the other “pig wrestlers”, rather than picking on innocent animals.
    Utah gets more embarrassing all the time.

  • KittyP

    This is family fun, how you good people of Utah get your kicks? Chasing, traumatizing and cruelty to piggies? Pigs are just as smart as dogs, would you volunteer your family dog to be chased, jumped and shoved into a barrel?
    Ironically, I eat meat. I support small farmers, buy locally produced, humanely raised meat, so no I am not a vegan – but I do respect animals and think that before they give their lives to feed up they should be treated with respect. At least let their time on earth have some peace and dignity.

  • angelika

    What a sad day when animal abuse is considered entertaining and defended. If these people like to wrestle then let them wrestle with each other. Leave the animals out of it!

  • Susan

    I hope everyone involved in the torture of these poor defenseless terrified creatures along with the people who attacked the protesters gets sued for every penny they have. You are just as bad as dog fighters like Michael Vick. I’ll bet you think he was a hero for hanging a dog from a tree because the dog refused to fight. I hope Karma gets you all and very soon! Redneck losers, find something else to entertain you without involving animals!

  • Sarah Silverman

    Time for Utah County Fair end their cruel pig wrestling event with one that teaches children to show compassion towards animals without risking injury to children or the pigs. There are plenty of ways to have positive, cruelty-free events interacting with animals that do not exploit them like this for profit.
    Channel 2 gave some great coverage of the event and also showed footage of the assault.

  • LC

    How quickly the good ole boys, all worked up to violently slam a pig around, transferred their violence to humans. The crowds love it, too. Bull fighters, dog fighters, cock fighters, bull fighters – the same emotions are involved. They enjoy creating pain and fear in other sentient beings, and they are sure felt good doing the same to a human. If the pigs did not squeal in pain and fear, and struggle to escape the violence, these people would not feel the excitement they do.

  • julie

    I wish this many people would show concern about the unborn children being killed. The wrestlers are the ones who get hurt the pigs are tough little guys.

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