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LDS Church breaks ground on Cedar City Temple

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SOUTHERN UTAH -- The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints broke ground Saturday on their temple in Cedar City, and members of the LDS Church in the area said the moment marks the arrival of something they've been praying for for years.

The LDS Church announced plans to build a temple in Cedar City back in 2013, and now, two years later, LDS Church leaders and local dignitaries gathered at the construction site for a ceremonial groundbreaking.

"It's a day that brings families together, that brings the communities together--everyone is rejoicing, there's a spirit of celebration here," said Elder L. Whitney Clayton, a member of presidency in the LDS Church's Quorum of the Seventy.

In addition to the formal groundbreaking with shovels, a backhoe was also used to get construction on the structure going. Hundreds of LDS Church members and others from the community attended. Speakers at the event referenced the early pioneers who settled the area and said temples are a testament to what those pioneers stood for.

LDS Church members in Iron, Beaver and Garfield counties currently travel to St. George to visit a LDS Temple, but that will change once the Cedar City Temple is finished. The structure will be the 17th LDS Church temple in Utah.

FOX 13 News' Zach Whitney was present for the groundbreaking, see the video above for his report. For more about the purpose of temples in the LDS Church, visit their website. 


  • jim

    As God is, man can become( forgive me if I didn’t paraphrase it very well) What a wonderful prospect, to be a God or even like God!! It sounds just like the lie satan used to tempt and deceive Eve at Genesis 3:5 . It must be one of his oldies but goodies, because he hooked her and some 15.5 million more people that have that same presumptuous attitude .

      • Bob

        Oh come on bob, you can hate mormonism without hating the mormons. Isn’t that what the thumpers say about the gays? Don’t hate the sinner, hate the sin? So, I hate the sin of mormonism and devoutly wish the poor, misguided sheeple that make up that religion’s ranks would get over their delusions and step into the light. They are often some of the nicest folks you’ll ever meet. But from what I understand, a lobotomy will do that to you…

    • bob

      I get a kick out of it when somebody suggests that other peoples’ invisible spaceman is absurd, but their own makes perfect sense.

  • zxc

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    So you don’t believe we’re His children or that He is our Father Jim? Children can follow in their father’s footsteps and become like them Jim.

    • Bob

      Yes, within the confines of reality humans are shaped by a combination of nature (genetics) and nurture (environment) – however, fictionalized imaginary friends do not pass down traits. We are not predisposed to become like figments of our imagination. We can call anything our father, this does not make it so – nor does it enable our delusions to transcend into reality.

    • jim

      Yes, we are made in his image and likeness, but we should not presume to think we are selves can become gods. Our creator has the unique right to choose right from wrong. That freedom to do so is what appealed to Eve and the power and desire of worship is what appealed to the angel now know as Satan. My point is not to start another (as most of these comment threads are) holy war or mormon bashing sessions, but to point out the similarities between the lie in Eden and that of the teaching mentioned in my first comment. I mean what a shiny lure to dangle godhood, wow!!

  • Bob

    Fuq mor(m)ons. Their lying religion based upon the fictional tellings of a known grifter and charlatan is one of the biggest jokes to mar american history. If this country goes down the tubes, that cult will be one of the first things to fall – no other government would tolerate an organization that flagrantly r@pes its citizenry of their time and money while attempting to theocracy-build within the borders of a sovereign nation. I hope I live long enough to see every mor(m)on temple go the way of Henry VIII’s monasteries. You know, stripped down for spare parts and left in ruin. What an utter waste of resources by a bunch of narcissists. Wake up – you will NEVER be deities. You will never get to use your super-secret handshake anywhere but while play acting. Smith was a mason and you’re no christian’s. I can change my name to J.C. – it doesn’t mean I’m in any way affiliated with the dude. If you’re itching to get rid of 10% of your income in exchange for some kind of future reward, send it to me. I’ll kick you down a musical birthday card every single year. I’ll tell you how super duper special you are and you can even mumble to me at your leisure. I’ll let you. Namaste, you poor duped “saints.” LOL


      And the flea views the world from his position on the tail of the dog and spews his venomus bigoted hatred for something he knows nothing about.

      • Bob

        I know as much about it as you, fellow flea. I just don’t make $hit up to make it easier to sleep at night. You know nothing that I don’t know, you just pretend to.

  • Bob

    Here – – now you lookie loo’s can save your 10%. Learn your “tokens” and be like jebus LOL Seriously, when the missionaries come to your house, what they’re ultimately trying to sell you for your 10% is the right to play grown-up dress-up with folks like these. The worst part? You don’t even get to get buzzed first. I do understand there’s some assisted, ritualistic cleansing and anointing – so you might get some play from some rusty old temple-working codger. Congrats. Or you could alternatively save your money and use it for nice vacation based in reality.


    They continue to grow, building new chapels and temples all around the world. Some recognize the voice of the Good Shepherd and are his sheep while others reject His call. Nothing new.

    • Bob

      You mean some are so soul-less and consciousness-less that they are happy to be led as lambs to the slaughter while others refuse? There’s no glory or virtue in being a dumb sheeple. None. If you reject your personal sovereignty over your own soul and sell it to false deity, you get what you deserve. You will be devoured and sh@t out like all before you. True eternal life is ownership of your own soul. If you give it away and pay for the “privilege” you will be recycled into something better than yourself – life a rock or a turd.

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