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BYU corrects spelling of ‘education’ on parade float

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UPDATE: BYU has corrected the spelling of “education” on their float.

SALT LAKE CITY – A University of Utah fan was all too happy to spot a misspelling on a BYU parade float for the Days of ’47 parade.

Ute fan Chad Mortenson spotted the typo on the float which left out the “I” making the word “educaton.”

We feel for BYU, it happens to the best of us.



  • Gary

    “We feel for BYU, it happens to the best of us.” Good job to use a run-on sentence to comment on bad spelling.

  • ME

    BYU most likely never saw the float, they contracted Modern Display to build the float. Nice big sign on the back of it “Floats by Modern Display” The float itself was pretty unimpressive, spelling error just made it funny. It’s time for Modern Display to step up there float building game.

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