Doug Owens announces he is taking on Mia Love again in 4th Congressional District

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Doug Owens has just announced he is officially taking on Mia Love again; he has filed to be a Congressional candidate for Utah’s 4th District.

Back in June he told Fox 13 he was “definitely considering it,” and Tuesday he has confirmed he is running for the spot.

When he spoke to the crowd of several hundred delegates back in June at the Utah State Democratic Party Convention, Owens pointed out he lost by 7,511 votes in his Fourth Congressional District race against Love — and noted that 15,000 registered Democrats in that district stayed home.

Utah’s 4th Congressional District includes parts of Salt Lake County, Utah County, Juab County and Sanpete County.

Congresswoman Mia Love currently represents this district.


  • Matt

    As has been evidenced by the Obama administration and its utter disdain for the Constitution and what’s best for America, the last thing Utah needs is Owens back in there. In fact, the Republican Party needs to “clean house” as well and get rid of all of the RINOs and Progressives that are hurting this nation just as much as the liberals are. (That’s on both the state and national levels) Mia Love, Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz are doing a superb job so if you folks in Utah have any sense at all you all will leave well enough alone.

  • Terrazzo

    So Doug… What’s your point? Democrats don’t like you?! Next election more Democrats will stay home!

  • Finny Wiggen

    Is today the day of desperate candidates announcing hopeless campaigns? What’s his name in Ohio announced he is running for president, and now another what’s his name is announcing he is running for congress.

    You have to wonder if these guys are truly oblivious to what everyone else sees, that they stand absolutely no chance of winning.

    Or do they really believe they can win? It is hard to see your own futility. A lesson for all of us!!


    Doug Owens, the man who sued Utah over the Legacy Parkway, held up construction, and cost us tens of millions of dollars. I’ll stick with a proven winner.


    Give it your best shot again Doug. You were bested once already by an African American Republican Mormon. Something that keeps liberals up at night about.

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