Watch: Pres. Obama addresses nation after SCOTUS legalizes same-sex marriage

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President Barack Obama addressed the nation Friday morning after the US Supreme Court ruled same-sex marriage is legal.


  • Sam Burns

    President Obama, I appreciate the facts you speak from the heart. It has been a very long time America has felt Love from a leader. Hatred has hit you from the beginning of your first term and somewhat followed into your second. Regardless you have shown strength and compassion. I have stated some of the same ripple effects that you, Kennedy and Jerry Garcia quoted before because they came from my heart. Before your term ends, can you also help the people being imprisoned for non violent, hurtful crimes. I know you can. I live near Colorado and I hear things are getting better in America because of the acceptance without the criminal penalties for personal choices/freedom. Thank you for your voice and opinion. America has your back.

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