Police shut down girls’ lemonade stand, demand permit

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OVERTON, Texas — Two girls wanting to raise money to purchase a Father’s Day present had their lemonade stand shut down after police demanded to see a permit.

Andria and Zoey Green wanted to raise $105 to buy their dad a present, according to KLTV.

“We were trying to raise some money to take our dad to Splash Kingdom,” 8-year-old Andria told KTLV. Splash Kingdom is a water park in Canton, Texas.

The sisters were selling lemonade and kettle corn for about an hour when police showed up because they set up their stand near the curb on a residential street. A code enforcement officer told the girls’ mother they would need a permit to sell lemonade.

The city agreed to waive the $150 fee for a “Peddler’s Permit,” but according to Texas House Bill 970, the “sale of food which requires time or temperature control to prevent spoilage” is prohibited. Because lemonade must be refrigerated to prevent the growth of bacteria, an inspection and permit is required.

The sisters said they will again set up their stand on Saturday, but this time they will be accepting donations.



    Children have been selling lemonade since the 1800s. You cannot have common sense and work for the government.

  • buzz

    The police have way too much control. They need to chill out and stop acting like their God. Let the kids be.

  • Tommy

    Like they have nothing else to go do. How petty and pathetic the cops should buy some. But instead that do that and they winner why people are getting so sick or them..

  • Alf

    Internet sensationalism and overblown phony outrage at work here.
    The police told them they could sell the kettle corn, no problem. The authorities are waiving the fees, they just need to learn to keep the cold items cold enough. How would you feel if your child accidentally gave someone a bacteria or something trying to be nice?
    The city should really just have a permit system that is free for this sort of thing, get the kids rules on what they need to do, make it fun, not authoritarian. We want to keep people from getting sick from the food in 100*+ temps in Texas summer heat.

    • Alf

      Oh, and can somebody start a GoFund me to raise a gajillion dollars for the kids? Lets put our priorities in place and give a thousand dollars to these children


      How did we ever survive in the unlightened 1900s when lemonade stands were everywhere. Don’t be such a wimp ALF.

    • Mark

      Shut up you ninny. No one will get sick of kids selling powdered lemonade. I’d its free why have the permit at all????

  • Aubrey Wilkins Wursten

    Calm down, folks. The only action taken was insisting that the lemonade be kept cold. I have serious doubts that anything would happen if it weren’t, except that it might turn to “hard lemonade,” but people do often get sick from meat and other food products that harbor bacteria. Due to the slight chance that people could get sick from it, they have to enforce the law indiscriminately. Otherwise, some customer who is desperate for money and 15 minutes of fame will sue the cops AND the kids. This is 2015, and folks be crazy.

  • Thomas Perry

    There is a freaking difference between a “Professional” Lemonade stand that runs all summer long and operated for a profit. Then there are the kids just just want to make a little extra money. You couldn’t have cut those kids a break? Sheesh!

  • Rick

    I’m guessing the cops would of ignored this and kept driving never looking twice. Once someone makes a complaint then it forces their hand regardless of how much they do not want to do it. I guareente they didn’t want to take that call.

  • Steve green

    I can’t believe this. Kids aren’t supposed to start paying taxes til they are at least 18. Are these cops trying to shake them down for a few extra cents, or do they just want free lemonade?

  • Doug

    Fox, do you know the difference between a police officer and code enforcement officer? Way to amp up police hatred.

  • terry mansfield

    my my my what the heck is up we let criminals loose with a slap of the hands but we harass little girls oh please get a clue

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