Drone footage offers bird’s-eye view of all 16 LDS Temples in Utah in under 3 minutes

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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints has 16 temples in Utah, with another in Cedar City on the way, and a man from Provo with a DJI Inspire 1 drone spent the last couple of months on a project to capture aerial footage of each of the LDS Temples in the Beehive Sate, including the recently dedicated temple in Payson.

See the video above for Dane Christensen’s aerial footage, and visit his YouTube channel for a playlist of each individual temple’s images.

Christensen said it’s tough to chose a favorite among the temples he filmed, so he narrowed it down to two.

“I loved the Ogden Temple because the lighting during my shoot was amazing and really brought out the majestic beauty of the site,” he stated in an email to FOX 13.

Another structure on his list wasn’t a favorite before, but has since won him over.

“Surprisingly, Provo was also a favorite,” Christensen stated. “I haven’t ever been a huge fan of the Provo Temple’s architecture, but capturing its various angles from the eyes of drone made me really appreciate what a magnificent structure it is.”

Christensen added that shooting footage with a drone is “always fun” because while some people get a bit freaked out by drones in the sky, most people are interested in the process and want to learn more. He said he likes to say, “Fly a drone, make a friend” and adds that seems to hold true each time he goes out to shoot.

For more information about LDS Church Temples, visit their website.


    • L. Woods

      You can believe as you wish, but having studied the L. D. S. religion as extensively as I have I can say unequivocally that it is a Christian religion and very much founded within the Bible. It is centered around Jesus Christ making it a Christian religion.

      • William Lance Huget

        Joseph Smith and Mormon leaders (such as President in the Ensign) have admitted LDS Jesus is different than evangelical Jesus. There is no historical precedent (maybe in Greek mythology and pantheon of gods) for LDS views. They are unique and relatively recent with false prophet Joseph Smith. Paul warned about false gods, false gospels, counterfeit christs, etc. Biblical, historical, orthodox Christianity for 2000 years has not held to LDS views invented by Smith. This is biblical and historical objective fact, not myth.


  • brent

    the richest per capita religious Corporation builds some pretty spectacular structures too bad They aren’t christian must have been fun taking the pictures drums are cool

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