Toddler dies after mother and her boyfriend arrested for child abuse

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UPDATE: Officials have confirmed the child died Monday morning.

Fox 13 is working to confirm more information and will have updates as soon as possible. 

LAYTON, Utah — A 23-year-old mother and her boyfriend were taken into custody Saturday on suspicion of child abuse of the woman’s 2-year-old child, James Sieger Jr.

Layton police were called to Davis Hospital at about 12:51 a.m. after Jasmine Bridgeman, 23, and her boyfriend, 34-year-old Joshua Schoenenberger, brought the toddler into the hospital.

The child was having difficulty breathing and had injuries consistent with ongoing physical abuse as well as recent traumatic injuries, according to a press release from Layton police.

The child was flown to Primary Children’s Hospital and underwent surgery for internal injuries, the release indicated.

Bridgeman and Schoenenberger were booked into the Davis County Jail on charges of child abuse, a second-degree felony and child abuse, a class A misdemeanor.

The case is currently under investigation.


  • kt

    Wow you all reply with something having to do with meth are u all high this is a story about a child whos clinging on to life due to abuse not meth wow does it say meth or tweaker anywhere this is whats wrong with the world people like u who focus on the assumption of they are tweaker ….if they are they are but also i bet alot of you have a crutch urself….a child is dying to live did u see that part of the story…coarse not u all prob sit on here waiting for something to blame on drugs cause u miss the importance in the story.


      A 2-year old boy is in critical condition after undergoing surgery for internal injuries and you’re blubbering because someone commented on the mother’s meth mites? Is there some other excuse for this child’s abuse KT?

      Based on the sentence structure of your comment KT I’m guessing that your motto is “I don’t need no stinking edurkation”. Stay in school KT and get some education ….. it’s free.

    • Sharyn Maughan

      Are you really that dumb ? A. It’s obvious to anyone with eyeballs she uses meth B. Meth is not a crutch, it is a serious drug with a serious addiction rate. C. This child would still be alive most likely BUT for the mothers meth use and scumbag boyfriend choices (decent men don’t have relationships with meth heads). So what part of this story doesn’t have to do with meth use ?

  • Angel Bolander

    I feel bad for the little kid because I went through the hard times in my life that included child abuse.


      Hopefully your life today is a happier one. Sadly the mental scars sometimes last a lifetime. This little boy’s suffering is over.

  • Cyn1

    Unfortunately, she has the signs of meth addiction. She’ll have to live with the fact that she allowed her child to remain in this horrible home….and now he is dead.

  • Deb

    This woman and man are the scum of the earth! Death penalty for both! There is NO excuse for this NONE!

  • Charlie

    Wow. From reading these comments I’m guessing that meth heads always abuse their children and the socially stupid can pick that up just from reading a story like this. Amazing. And here I thought only drug addicts were ignorant.

  • Grandmother of a precious Granddaughter!

    There is a HELL that burns HOTTER and FOREVER for those who abuse God’s precious little innocent Children. There is NEVER an excuse for abusing precious innocent little Children! EVER!!!

  • FatherofTwo

    Yet another innocent life that had to suffer at the hands of drug addicts. Hate feels insufficient to describe my feelings toward drugs. My heart is absolutely broken.

  • Michele Wagoner

    You must have to be a genius to look ONE time at the pictures of mother and bf and KNOW they are on Meth. All the signs it reads it loud and clear. It is really sad how it takes such a toll on people and can make them do evil things. My heart is for the biological father and rest of family.

  • Mojito Mama

    Two-legged creatures like this should be spayed and neutered, that’s the only way to stop them from breeding kids they’re unable and unwilling to care for. Otherwise there should be a federal mandatory death sentence for killing a child, I don’t want these vermin breathing, there’s no place for them in civilized society.

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