Ogden man pleads guilty to torturing, killing girlfriend’s baby

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OGDEN, Utah - An Ogden man accused of killing his girlfriend's baby has pleaded guilty Wednesday.

Adam Barney is facing charges for child abuse homicide in the death of a 14-month-old girl.

Officials said Barney tortured, beat and squeezed Kenzie Rose before she died last August in an Ogden motel room.

Police said Barney had been living there with Kenzie's mother and her two young sons, watching them while she was at work.

One day Kenzie wouldn't wake up and later died.

That is when Barney admitted what he had done.

The autopsy revealed the girl's numerous injuries and Barney ended up taking a plea deal to avoid a murder trial.

In the plea deal, officials recommended Barney be sentenced to life in prison with the possibility of parole but only after serving a minimum of 25 years behind bars.

He will be sentenced May 13.


  • priscilla

    See this is what’s wrong with our judicial system so called justice has been served. Really… ugh it’s sad sickening, pathetic to think this inhumane being could be walking the streets again but if he was busted with pounds of marijuana hands down life in prison hmmm and society isn’t brainwashed


      The judicial system only gets involved after the fact Priscilla. Little children like Kenzie Rose are afraid of the imaginary monster hiding under their beds. It is their mothers, PRISCILLA, that invite real honest to goodness genuine monsters into their children’s lives.
      Any peace officer can fill you in on the horror stories.

      • justanotherUtard

        You are absolutely right! This state will never see just what a nightmare so many of these “mothers” this state is devoted in protecting. Time, after time after time. Life after life. How many children have to die, brutally from the mistakes, negligence and evil from their “mothers”?


    Here’s how it is ladies: Your typical boyfriend you picked up at the bar isn’t interested in a child sired by another male. That’s just not how the normal boyfriend’s mind works. Yes, ladies, your Prince Charming may the the exception to the rule.
    Perhaps Kenzie Rose’s mother made a mistake when she selected Adam for companionship.

    • Pat

      You are seriously blaming someone else for the crime this man committed? You aren’t thinking straight. You must have been rejected so many times by women that now you resent them. This isn’t the first comment I’ve read of yours that blames women for irrelevant things.


        I speak from professional experience Pat. Get you friendly neighborhood police officer to explain the facts of life to you. Mothers have a responsibility to protect their children from monsters, and somebody invited this monster into Kenzie Rose’s life. Gosh, I wonder who that could have been?

      • miles (dave)

        by no means is it the mothers fault alone, but this child was in no situation to protect her self.

        as humans we end up having children that are pretty well helpless because of this we the members of humanity (particularly in the western world) have decided that it is the responsibility of the parents to care for the child until the minimum age of 18 (although social acceptance dictates that we never stop caring about our children) part of that care is to prevent people that may hurt our children from being able too. let alone inviting them in.

        i dont know what the signs were for this mother to have known that this guy was no good, but the possibility that there were no signs is so extremely low that yes this mother is indeed responsible for her part of neglect.

  • bob

    Why did we plead this guy down? Because the victim was a mere baby, and just a few months earlier she could have been legally killed?

    He won’t last 25 years anyway. I get grim satisfaction thinking about how jail is treating that rosy-cheeked little fruitcake.

  • capsaicinone

    Barney should be grateful he’s got the option (not a guarantee thankfully) to walk free after 25 years. Not sure justice has been served here but if we forgive all around and he gets the help he needs, I think we can all live with the punishment.

    • miles (dave)

      i agree with you, the most important part is not if you screw up but rather if you do your best to fix it, and make sure it never happens ever again.

  • Wendy Barnes

    For once, a POS like this actually has a look on his face like he knows what he did and that he is just beginning to be punished. Rare these days.

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