Baby thrown 25 feet in crash opens eyes, smiles at rescuers

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HARRISON TOWNSHIP, Ohio – A 7-month-old baby suffered only a bruise after being thrown 25 feet during a crash in Ohio.

The crash happened when a vehicle struck the van carrying Lashanda Goldsmith, her 7-month-old daughter, Madison, and a 15-year-old girl.

The 7-month-old was ejected from the car and safety crews found her in her car seat face down 20 feet from the crash.

Her eyes were closed and rescuers thought she was dead. Then Madison opened her eyes and smiled at them.

“God does not make mistakes. I tell people that all the time. When things happen, it’s all in His will,” Madison’s relative, Rhonda Moody, told WHIO.



      Some people try to hurt and destroy while others make this world a better place because they were here. God gives both their freeagency. Which kind are you Corina?

  • cheryl

    What difference does it make to those of you who do not believe this was a miracle blessed by God or just science? Let those who believe it was a miracle believe that this sweet baby is alive because it is God’s will. It doesn’t hurt you at all and it makes you look stupid when you are ridiculing others. My father once told me to never miss a good opportunity to shut your mouth.

    • Taliena

      I am an atheist and totally agree! It doesn’t hurt me who gets credit, I’m just happy for the little baby!

  • Ronni Taylor

    Why is every great story followed by an argument in the comment section? Believers in God, atheists, agnostics-believe what you believe, be nice…and HUSH.

  • Carla Williams

    What happened to the mother and the other child? The 15 year old. Are they ok? This baby is truly a miracle. God bless. God is good.

  • stephanie rofkahr

    God isn’t just good he is Greater than Great and it is a miracle what god has let happen to this wonderful baby and no the babies he has taken with him there was a reason for no one knows why but there is a reson for why this baby is here alive don’t question why or why he has taken those babies that have passed but he may have a plan for them and no baby that dies or lives are cursed they are Angels it may hurt but always know everything happens for a reason !

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