Salt Lake Co. Sheriff’s Office employee killed in collision with other county employee

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TAYLORSVILLE, Utah - Officials are investigating an accident that left one woman dead in Taylorsville Friday.

The Utah Highway Patrol said a black Dodge Ram T-boned a white Buick Regal on the driver's side.

Authorities said 50-year-old Jill Huston, of West Jordan, was driving the Buick and later died at the hospital.

She was a civilian employee with the Salt Lake County Sheriff's Office.

The driver of the Dodge Ram works for Salt Lake County; their condition has not been confirmed.

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  • Linda

    I think it is terrible that a person in a truck, runs a red light crashes into my sister and kills her. She was 50 years young and a ray of sunshine. The driver of the truck walks.

    • jre

      The driver of the truck is a good person too who made a tragic mistake. I know the driver of the truck and I know people that worked with Jill and its a sad situation. But I know for a fact the driver of the truck would never have wanted this to happen and didn’t intentionally do anything wrong. Mistakes are made by me, you, and every one every day. This one just didn’t have good results for either driver. Sorry for your loss and sorry for everyone who knew Jill.

      • Betty Vierke

        I worked with Jill The Jail she was an Awesome person…she will be missed. And the Driver of the Truck has to live with it his whole life. Its a tragitity all around. Love and miss you Jill—RIP.

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