Man killed, woman injured after 2-vehicle crash in West Valley City

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WEST VALLEY CITY, Utah - A man was killed and a woman was critically injured after a two-car collision in West Valley City Friday.

Police said a truck ran a red light and collided with a car head-on in the area of 4100 South 2700 West just before 6 p.m. Police stated the car was pushed into southbound lanes of 2700 West, and the truck flipped over and continued moving until it ultimately struck a steel traffic signal pole.

The driver of the truck, 51-year-old David Wood of West Valley City was killed in the crash. The driver of the car, 29-year-old Meghann Powell, was taken to Intermountain Medical Center in critical condition.

The driver of the car is in critical condition.

According to UDOT, 4100 S. at 2700 W. is closed in both directions.

Authorities said speed was a factor.

The names of those involved have not been confirmed.


    • obichopega

      really @JACKTORRENCE ?? oh humanity. you know the driver died right? regardless of whether he was using his phone or not, I don’t think he was planning on dying today. You’re still alive. So you have some time to find a heart.

      • BOB

        How about a little sympathy for the victim the driver in the truck put in the hospital when he decided to blast through a red light? Jack Torrence, the commenter above, not only has a heart ….. he has it in the right place.

    • obichopega

      I’m sure his newly son-less, maybe husband-less, maybe father-less, world-shattered family would love to have you relate that comment at his funeral. Seriously? I can’t believe you would even think something like that. You’re terrible.

      • BOB

        How abot the shattered lives of the family of the victim that was caused by a speeding truck driver who thinks a red light means go.

      • obichopega

        BOB, do you see you said the driver “decided” to blast through the light? I just wanted to make sure. I seriously doubt he decided to do that. Probably got distracted just like all of us, yes even the both of you BOB and JACK TORRENCE, as hard as that may be to accept. Only this time it cost him his life, and nearly the life of another person. Regardless of what happened, and the point I’m trying to make, is that someone died, and someone else is seriously injured. Both terribly sad things. Are we all agreed?

    • obichopega

      Not to mention the other driver in critical condition who now has who knows how many medical issues that will affect him for maybe the rest of his life, rehab time, time off work, mental/emotional issues, medical bills, and to top it off a new car to look for. All the while you sit nice and comfortably trolling the news, looking to get a reaction out of other readers. Well, looks like ya got me today. I hope you feel great about yourself.

      • BOB

        JACK TORRENCE – The comments from OBICHOPEGA are amazingly obtuse!! My first thought when reading the story was that the driver in the truck was either texting or talking on their cell phone.

      • obichopega

        BOB, did you not read this before commenting? Also, how is his heart in the right place? and why are my comments obtuse? He, (and yourself) are basically saying while it is very sad about the driver in critical condition (which it is), we shouldn’t lament the fact that the truck driver died. As in, he doesn’t get to use a cell phone (if unfortunately that’s what he was doing) let alone ANYTHING else. Like, dead. Do you understand that? Apparently Fatima down here has the right mindset. Politely reminding us to slow down while remembering BOTH victims in this accident.

  • Fatima Kheden

    This is very sad. They were probably on their way to work. We all need to stop driving so fast and take our time in the morning. I drive around that area all the time and people do not even respect the 20 miles per hour lights before and after school. We all need to focus more on our driving and stop texting, putting on make up, etc when we are behind the wheel.

  • Jenny

    Just to inform all you Heartless people the Man killed in this accident has a pacemaker from having a heart condition. He was having a heart attack when he was on his way to the hospital when he ran through the light. He was a great man. So unless you know the facts leave your negative comments behind.

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