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Tooele County releases 911 calls in fatal officer-involved shooting

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TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — Tooele County Sheriff’s Office has released the 911 calls in the incident of the officer-involved shooting from December, which left Nicholas McGehee, of Stansbury Park, dead.

In the first call, McGehee’s wife, Kathryn, called dispatch to tell them her husband was heavily intoxicated and had cut his foot.  Kathryn pleads with him to sit down. The dispatcher assures her medical assistance is en route.

In the second call Kathryn tells the dispatcher McGehee has picked up a shotgun and is aiming it at the front door.

“You’re gonna get in so much trouble for doing this — don’t you understand?” Kathryn can be heard telling McGehee.

The dispatcher tells Kathryn to leave the house after attempts to persuade McGehee to put down the gun are unsuccessful.

McGehee’s wife is able to get out of the home and the call ends as she gets into a police car.

Police say attempts to talk with McGehee were unsuccessful. He was later shot and killed after pointing the gun at Sgt. Eli Wayman with the Tooele County Sheriff’s Office.

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  • Gaonumen

    So Bob, a woman suffers the sudden loss of her mate (yes, he seemed inebriated, but she still lost him), the cops (who are also fathers, sons, brothers and husbands) have to kill a drunk man with a firearm. All of this trauma for everyone involved, and all you can do is make jokes?

    I wonder; Are you stupid, are you emotionally immature and stunted? Do you have any ability at all to feel empathy for other humans? That’s the hallmark of a sociopath, Bob. People suffered beyond our ability to describe it that day Bob, and no doubt continue to suffer for it. And with all of the wisdom you can muster, you make light of it. How incredibly inappropriate.

    But go ahead, keep making your jokes. Feel nothing for those who have suffered pain and trauma, screw any empathy for anyone else. Yeah, just keep joking. I’m sure it’s one of your most endearing qualities, as you’re clearly in no danger of being deemed a thoughtful person.

    For your own sake, go find some empathy and gain some wisdom. Graduate from junior high, you despicable dumb a$$.

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