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Popular band surprises newlyweds at wedding receptions

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  • Trish

    I thought this was sooo cool but then I wondered why didn’t they show less glamourous weddings ? My hispanic and african American friends could never afford a wedding venue like the one in the video .

    • Paul Kenney

      That’s such a racist comment. There a millions of people in this country who can AND can’t afford high-end wedding venues, REGARDLESS of ethnicity.

    • andream

      As a racist whiner you should have actually watched the video before commenting. It was filled with family and guest of all races and ethnicities. Perhaps you are the racist since you think if a wedding is tasteful and the people appropriately dressed it must not be celebrating anyone but white people. So sad on your part.

  • ZMan

    If they showed up at mine, I’d wonder who the heck they were and probably make some requests (certainly none of their own stuff).

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