Memorial fund set up for family of Utah girl killed in shooting accident

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KAYSVILLE, Utah – A 12-year-old girl is dead after police said she was accidentally shot in a Kaysville home Sunday.

The Davis School District confirmed the girl was Adelaide Clinger.

Authorities were called to a home on the 1900 block of Cooper St. in Kaysville Sunday.

Officials did not provide details regarding the events leading to the shooting, however they said they wanted to be clear that there is no danger to the community in connection with the incident and that they are not looking for suspects.

Police said the teen was not the person handling the gun but did not elaborate.

Officials said the incident is a tragic accident and that there was no malice involved.

Paul Thompson of the Kaysville Police Department spoke about the incident.

“At about 2:30 today [Sunday] we received a call to this home on a report of a victim with a gunshot,” he said. “Medical personnel did respond on scene. They attempted life saving measures. The victim eventually succumbed to her injuries. At this time we are conducting an investigation into why this happened.”

Officials said she was a student at Centennial Junior High School, which will have grief counselors available for students Monday.

Steve Farnes lives in the neighborhood and he said the death has hit the entire community hard.

“She actually spoke in church today, and, so, a lot of people are, were really touched by this incident… We just want to tell this family that we love them and we are here from them,” he said.

Neighbors said that talk was about Thanksgiving and gratitude and they said the girl specifically mentioned her gratitude for her parents.

Farnes said his daughter is friends with the deceased and that the family has lived in the area for several years.

“They’re very good people, they’ve lived her in the community for two or three years now, their kids, and my daughter, and their daughter are friends,” he said.

A memorial fund has been set up to help the family cover funeral expenses here.


  • Tony

    I live close to this family and don’t know them personally but do have friends that do!! I also have a daughter who is the same age and goes to the same school as her! I think it’s really sad and my Heart goes out to the family! I think instead of blaming someone we should be grieving with the family!!

    • Koldobika (@koldobika2020)

      Safes won’t necessarily protect you if no one in your home understands proper gun safety. If dad didn’t teach his girls properly, it’s entirely possible that one of the girls shot the other girl. Girls should learn gun safety and safe firearm skills as well. It’s not just a hobby for boys. Unfortunately, sexism regarding hobbies and sports activities still runs rampant in Utah. I don’t have any girls but if I did they would get the same upbringing it outdoorsmanship as any boys would. I also believe that the girl scouts should be changed drastically to be more similar to the boy scouts. Current girls “scouts” programs focus a lot on social skills and not enough on outdoors skills. Just because you live in the US doesn’t mean those skills will never come in handy, whether you’re a girl or boy.

  • stacy

    The reason they are not saying who shot the girl because it was either the dad or sister. If this was a black family, story would have been already told on who did it and there would be no “fund for the girl”. They who live by the gun, die by the gun. I feel sorry for the girl who died because she is innocent and had to be born into a family who raised her with guns. Sad world we live in.

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