Volunteers continue search for Kayelyn Louder, who vanished in September

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MURRAY, Utah -- 30-year-old Kayelyn Louder went missing eight weeks ago, and nearly every week since then her family, friends and volunteers have searched-- primarily near her condo where she was last seen in surveillance video barefoot and confused.

Volunteers said as time wears on, they're still desperate to find any clues, but condo owners are weary of the searches.Kayelyn Louder

“We do have a road block right now, the HOA is not allowing our searchers to search the property, which is very, very important,” said Louder’s Cousin, Amy Fugal. “Anybody that knows about searches, knows to start with where the person was last seen.”

The property manager of the Willows Condominiums in Murray said he has cooperated with the search parties in the past and will continue to do so if volunteers ask to come onto the property and have a clear reason to be there.

For the volunteers, Louder's disappearance feels like it happened yesterday.

“It's a 24/7. [I] wake up to it; [I] go to bed with it,” said Louder’s friend, Tim Asay.

The family says, despite the time that has lapsed, volunteers continue to show up and tips continue to pour in. But they're still waiting for the clue that can lead them to Louder.

“I am so amazed at the kindness that people have shown our family and they just keep coming,” said Louder’s Aunt, Annette Wilson.

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  • Larry Tucker

    There is a list of disappearances that happen suddenly after bizarre behavior like this. Most are college students but there have been several recent cases of home computer users vanishing, one was discovered 600 miles away, a suicide. The cause is a little known “mental break causing design mistake” engineers discovered when it caused mental events for office workers in 1964. The cubicle stopped it in offices by 1968. All it takes is long hours of full mental investment while there is detectable movement in peripheral vision. The physiology involved is explained in first semester psychology lectures about how peripheral vision reflexes are created. It is explained as a ‘visual subliminal distraction.’ The engineering-design problem takes the same name Subliminal Distraction.

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