Mother speaks after boyfriend arrested for killing 14-month-old toddler

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OGDEN,  Utah - Authorities have arrested a 26-year-old mother's live-in boyfriend after a 14-month-old girl was found dead.Barney Ogden child death

Ogden police said 23-year-old Adam Joseph Barney is now facing charges for child abuse homicide and has two misdemeanor warrants out of Ogden.

Authorities said Barney was the one who called 911 to say a child in his care was not waking up from her nap.

Emergency crews arrived at the Western Colony Inn at 234 24th St. where they found a toddler dead.ADAM BARNEY

Two other children, a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old, were also in the home but are now in the care of authorities.

Ogden officials said Barney eventually confessed to hitting the toddler, Kenzie Rose, several times and "squeezing her substantially" which caused significant injuries.

The toddler's mother, Kaci Rupert, said Barney was taking care of the children while she worked.

Rupert said they were saving money to move into an apartment, possibly this week.

"I needed someone I could trust to be there with the kids and I didn't see this coming at all; there had been no warning signs," Rupert said. "The children always told me that, you know, he was fun, they were happy, he was great to be around."

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  • Bob

    “I needed someone I could trust to be there with the kids and I didn’t see this coming at all; there had been no warning signs,” Rupert said.

    No warning signs? Really? Do you live in complete isolation?

    • Shay

      My daughter loves her step father and i would trust him with my baby. But i also am very cautious and have used a nannycam neighbor’s checking in on them and know the signs of abuse. But i was raised by my step father who never hit me so u camt say all guys rthis way and r gonna kill kids and if so what r u saying about yourself ?

      • Bob

        A shack-up is not a step-father. So I don’t see how your experience is relevant to the matter. A shack-up is investing the absolute minimum he can get away with in order to ensure himself a steady supply of s e x and maidservant duties. Why should he care about the kids?

        But women will never learn that marriage is their best tool for measuring the level of a potential mate’s seriousness. They give him what he wants, without commitment, and then wonder why he kills their kids.

        Humans are not bright.

      • laytonian

        Please. Go back and read what you tried to write. That’s not even the English language. Your judgement in all issues may be “off”. You don’t know until IT happens. Are you married or is this another shack-up?

    • Adelinthe

      There are times when there are no warning signs. It’s happened to me, a happy go-lucky guy who had many friends that were always happy to be around him. I dated him for months and never saw a shred of violence, until we moved in together. Then it started, and it wasn’t long after, I packed my bags.
      If you’ve never faced it yourself, you can’t possibly understand the dynamics, their stories, their games, their machinations.

  • Aubrie

    That poor mother……. My deepest
    Condolences. P. S. Bob…….. My step father didn’t kill me. Don’t hang them all.

  • Aubrie

    So sad.. I am sorry for the mother and the family.

    P. S.
    My stepfather didn’t kill me. Don’t hang them all and don’t blame that poor grieving mother.

    • Bob

      How lovely for you. But irrelevant. This guy wasn’t the child’s step-father. He was a shack-up. He wasn’t serious about his relationship to the mother. How could he be expected to be serious about the child?

      Just because a man sleeps with a woman doesn’t make him the “step-father” of her children. Just because his shoes are on the floor of her bedroom at night doesn’t make him a “step-father.” “Dad” is a title that is earned. It involves commitment.

      • chngrffn

        Bob, I completely agree with you. The kids are always the ones that pay for stupid decisions of the moms. If the guy is invested enough in the woman he will marry her. But that can’t be known after such a short relationship. Sleeping together complicates it even more. You can’t know someone after only a few weeks. And women tend to be willing to overlook warning signs in the hope of a long term relationship.

      • Adelinthe

        You know none of that FOR A CERTAINTY. You’re just guessing. That doesn’t make you an authority by any stretch of anyone’s imagination. If you weren’t there, you don’t know…so stop pretending you do.

    • Courtney

      I’m sorry but this man was far from a step father. She met this guy in July and moved her 3 year old, 5 year old and 14 month old children in to a motel to shack up and then leaves him to babysit. She needed “someone she could trust to be there with the children”. “Didn’t see this coming”. “No warning signs”. Seriously? She knew him what? 3-4 weeks. Women need to wake up, random men and boyfriends aren’t babysitters. These are your children for God’s sake.

      • JAR

        This woman is no mother..she’s a brood sow. She has 3 children by 2 different men…and she left her kids father to live in a motel room with some LOSER she met less than a month earlier..she trusted IT with her children’s LIVES. How irresponsible and foolish can one person be?? Wouldn’t you want something BETTER for your children than that sort of life????
        Just LOOK at her babies killer and you can see he ain’t all there!!! I wouldn’t trust him with a goldfish!!!!

    • Dan

      She is married and had the 2 boys, ran off, had the baby with another man who loved his daughter dearly, then ran off on him to live in a motel with this guy. The dad has been fighting with CPS to get his daughter back, but it was over state lines. 3 cheers for CPS!!!

      • laytonian

        @Bob – thank you for the additional information.
        So she’s left the fathers of her children to live like THIS in a cheap Ogden motel? Usually drugs are involved.
        This event (and her lack of judgment) should be enough to make sure she loses custody of the children, drugs or not.

  • silly2

    Why in the heck would you have a man around that is available for babysitting? No way! ESPECIALLY if I didn’t even have a real home. How desperate are these women they’ll let some loser who doesn’t even have a job move in & “take care” of the kids? Sterilize them both!

  • Julie

    There is much more to this story that is not being reported. Failure of CPS and Ogden Police to even go an do a welfare check, the “mother” lying repeatedly throughout her relationship with the baby’s dad and even to the police as late as July 31. She is a piece of work to say the least and equally culpable in the death of the baby. This child was my granddaughter and her dad is my son. The loser she was shacked up with, well, as far as I am concerned he is not even considered a human being. It is difficult for me to even think of the “mother” as being human and she certainly does not deserve to be called a mother. She left her children with someone who was clearly unable to care for them. I pray that DCFS takes those children away from her permanently. I have been trying to reach out to the boys biological father to let him know the situation. This woman should never be allowed near any children.

    • laytonian

      Thank you, Julie.
      As we know, the kind of woman who’d shack up for a “free pair of pants” (or free babysitting) isn’t worth the title “mother”. I hope the father of the other children gets his kids back.

    • singlemom27

      Julie I’m sorry for your lost. I didn’t know the mom but she works same place I do. Many factors are to considerable questionable for sure. I just hope that whatever the case may be that help is sought out. and by that I mean having accountability and responsibility and awareness And love.

    • Trish

      Julie… my heart aches for you and your son… may the angels bring peace to you in this time of devistation. I can’t imagine what you and your son are going through… I noticed in her interview that she did not shed ONE tear! She talked as if she were talking about a peice of paper not her beautiful baby girl. She showed no remorse for loosing her baby girl. She seemed to only want to defend her reasons for leaving the child with her boyfriend. I wish I could somehow lessen your pain…

    • Marianne

      Julie, my heartfelt condolences to you & your son on the death of your granddaughter, his daughter. There is nothing more senseless than the death of a child that could have been prevented! This “woman” had no business ever having a child none the less “raising” one. Hats off to your son for recognizing the danger signs & trying to prevent the inevitable, only to be railroaded by the authority’s who should have listened to him more carefully. I don’t know about Utah, but CPS’s are very short on manpower compared to the caseloads that get dumped on them. I hope he continues his fight against them even more now. It’s because of them & the police this poor baby met an untimely death that should have NEVER happened! I hope the “mother” faces the same charges as the POS who did this to her. Again, my condolences to you & your son, with many prayers coming this way for best outcome of justice. RIP Miss Kensie Rose👼

  • JAR

    You’re absolutely right SILLY2… I’m pretty old school that way too, if a man is serious about a relationship he will takes steps to TAKE CARE of the woman AND her child(ren) financially..not just sit around the motel room, babysitting while the mother works to support the family…..

  • Suzy

    Hmmm can we say desperate?? I mean just looking at him would make me think twice!!! He doesn’t look like the brightest bulb in the package.

  • lynnea1

    Couldnt she tell there’s something off about him? You can see in his face that there’s something not quite right going on there. Besides, he looks like he could be a rodeo clown or something. No offense to the rodeo clowns!

  • Autumn

    Oh..I’m sorry. .I guess i didn’t read the part where they mentioned how long the couple were actually together..I think using the term “shack-up” is a bit ignorant unless u know it was a fling. Just as well..There shouldn’t be any adult allowed to hurt another human being period. I think we need to focus on the crime of the individual involved, not slamming someone who u personally don’t know. Until the facts are disclosed in its entirety, a mother lost her child. .have some sympathy for that aspect. Right away it’s slam the mother..slam the murderer!

  • dustsceawung

    While we’re all here having a “don’t judge lest ye be judged” fest, can we at least mention the importance of affordable, non-boyfriend-provided child care for working women? I mean, she didn’t leave you the opportunity to bash her for being on welfare and all…

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