‘Order’ from Mayor McAdams calls for closing all exits out of Salt Lake City

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This image accompanied a satirical piece from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams that called for the closure of all exits out of Salt Lake City. Courtesy visitsaltlake.com

SALT LAKE CITY – A press release from Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams indicated he was ordering the closure of all exits out of Salt Lake City in order to boost tourism, but the action is the continuation of a joke played on Salt Lake City by a national publication known for its satire.

The Onion published a short video earlier this week that assured visitors to Salt Lake City they could visit but were “Free to Leave” whenever they wanted. The tongue-in-cheek ad touted the benefits of Utah while also assuring potential visitors that they don’t have to stay, unless they want to. FOX 13 News covered the segment, click here for the details. and see below for the segment.

Salt Lake City Hoping To Boost Tourism By Reminding Visitors They’re Free To Leave At Any Time

McAdams’ “response,” published by Visit Salt Lake—who is Salt Lake County’s contractor for tourism development, copied the satirical style as it mandated the closure of all exits from Salt Lake City and ordered that future flights into Salt Lake City International Airport be one-way only.

The piece states in part: “’How are we expecting to increase revenue that way?’ an incredulous Mayor McAdams asked tourism board members in an emergency meeting late Thursday night. ‘The amount of revenue this new bill will generate in hotel and restaurant taxes will pay for the closing of all Salt Lake’s exit routes almost immediately. Keeping visitors here indefinitely will help secure our already thriving economy.’”

The “response” from McAdams included images of the spikes commonly used to prevent cars from entering or exiting areas without authorization as well as various jokes and even an allusion to an Eagles’ song.

One joke included McAdams’ defense of the move in the face of criticism: “any loss of potential new tourism dollars will be offset by the revenue our community will collect from the visitors who can never, ever leave. Ever.”

Click here to read the entire piece at Visit Salt Lake’s website.

In an online message, McAdams dropped the satirical tone to tell FOX 13 News: “Visit Salt Lake (who is Salt Lake County’s contractor for tourism development) wrote it up and ran it by me last night for approval. I thought it was hilarious.”


  • Nicholas Carlson

    Not funny man, that could have set off a panic and in panic chaos and luteing happen, bad news dude. I wouldnt do that kind of “joke” ever again.

    • Admiral Shackleford

      Oh no! Mass “Luteing” is everybody going to take out their lutes and start playing silly little tunes en masse?

      • Sephia8

        Well you better soak up all of that lute music, since he said he’d never do that joke again! I hope he’s not fluteing around! But how else will Utah drum up business without a band of lutes? Some say luteing just leads to treble. Too much sax and violins seem to keep the treble makers coming back and giving the city some minor setbacks. Utah just really needs to guitar act together. I didn’t mean to de-bass your comments, but I didn’t want to let this one fall flat. It takes a sharp mind to make these comments built up with a crescendo, but sadly it doesn’t take long for them to go mute. Hopefully we can find some harmony in all of this and just give it a rest.

        *Sometimes grammar is not everyone’s forte! But is sure can be someone else’s cresendo. Hope I won’t be under a rest for this reply.

  • Cindy Coker

    I love this! Utah needs some publicity that isn’t all serious and controversial and religious! Its not going to cause a panic… lighten up!! Welcome to the Hotel California….. hahahahahaha

  • Kathie Azevedo

    icommonas Carlson .. you had the only sane comment. And as long as our pretend prez iis still in office, hiding behind his golfing and vacations, and cares NOTHING about this country or its citizens, continues to lie, continues to refuse accountability for anything, refuses to admit he was NOT born in the USA, continues to cover up his lying about Benghazi, continues to spend until we’re BEYOND BEING BANKRUPT, and doesn’t care, who assists, rewards and brings home a member of the military who they say deserted his troops, yet ignores an American who is being held in prison for something he says he did NOT do, who doesn’t care whether he follows the laws in the Constitution .. he can and will do WHATEVER he wsnts .. and God help whoever gets in his way, or disrupts his golf games and his VACATION (why are we, the taxpayers, having to pay for it???). As long as he continues to pretend to be Prez, as long as he’s still illegally in office (not citizen), and as long as Cindy Coker continues to pretend she’s funny (NOT), and continues to ridicule this state and the religion, I will NEVER lighten up. With the condition this country is in, with more and more cops being out of control, with our pretend Prez wanting to use that to his advantage, and having absolutely no faith in our prez, and no faith that we won’t have another rigged election .. the idiotic joke some idiots here are playing, including our stupid mayor and even a stupid TV station, with having Cindy Coker to add fuel to their fire .. it’s very likely a state of panic would ensue .. and this is no indication of the number of intelligent, highly intelligent people, we have living and working in Utah. With the condition of our country, the mood of the world, the wars, killings, etc (we DON’T need another Ferguson, MO. With all this going against us, you question why we’d panic? Those who didn’t panic would wish they had. There is a time and a place for everything. This ISNT the time or place for this sick excuse for a joke. And as far as religion, we leave you alone, so why can’t you? Why are you always looking for a reason to attack or blame us Cindy? Why can’t people get along anymore and have respect for the views and opinions of others? How I miss the peace of the good old days, when we had leaders who knew how to lead, leaders and people who had common sense (common sense, common courtesy, and respect have disappeared), people displayed courtesy and respect to others, we had people who led with honesty and integrity, we talked to our neighbors and family face to face, and everything didn’t revolve around, “ME, ME, ME, GIVE ME, GIVE ME”? God help this country. I pray it’s not too late!!!!!

      • Laura

        Alex, I would have to wonder myself about the sanity of this last post. For someone who doesn’t like disrespect, she sure seems to dole it out pretty heavily. I hope the doc can up her anxiety meds, she’s about to burst. And for negativity, what’s with the hate on Cindy throughout the post? I say calm down, release the noose and take a breather. Listen to Winston Churchill’s speech when he said ” When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his death bed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.”
        The end of the world is not here. Laughing at a spoof might do you some good Kathie.

      • Sephia8

        She can’t be a good troll. She works for the government she hates, for the IRS. She also seems to have amnesia about which president took more vacations and golfed more. Fairly certain Obama doesn’t golf. He plays basketball more, doesn’t he?!

        Although I love her claim that her religions leaves us alone. Last I checked they have an ARMY of Missionaries that go out and BOTHER everyone about HER religion and trying to get them to recruit to HER religion! So, no she doesn’t “leaves us alone” so we won’t leave them alone!

        Poor Kathie seems like an angry little birther who didn’t get her magical Romney in office, and dislikes the black man won . . .twice! {{{sigh}}}

        Some people just can’t take jokes . . . Kathie being one of them.

    • Rick

      Those are all talking point, (most proven incorrect), from National Fox News. Perhaps you should turn it off and try to enjoy life a little?

    • dave

      wow im not much for conspiracy theory (it just dosnt seem credible) but i can respect if you really feel something is very wrong and theres not enough attention being paid to it. but to get people to listen to you make sure you deliver only correct information (for every time you are wrong it reduces your credibility) and dont do it in a conspiracy theory way.

      also dont spend too much time screaming the boat is sinking. get a bucket and start bailing. the grass is greenest where you water it. so dont complain and get watering make your world the best it can be by using actions, not just ranting.

    • Cindy Coker

      Wow, Kathie,, you seriously need to back up and get of my a$$! Where did I ridicule this State or any religion? I think “I’m” funny?? Fuel to their fire? Panic would ensue? Attacking and blaming? Who? For what??? Sweet heart, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, YOU, need to go back and read what I really said! I in no way ridiculed this great state or any religion. Guess what? I live and work in this State and I love it here. Obviously you did not grow up during the “good old days”, where you should have learned some, common courtesy and respect because I didn’t say anything to deserve this ridiculous attack!

  • PL

    “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave!”

    Welcome to the “Hotel Salt Lake City”!!

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