Update: BYU Store yanks same-sex marriage cards from shelves

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Update: Officials with the BYU Store have confirmed the same-sex marriage cards have been pulled from the shelves.

BYU Spokeswoman Carrie Jenkins sent FOX 13 News the following statement: “Someone stocking shelves was not aware of our product preferences at the university, it was an accident.”

Jenkins referred to the school’s honor code when asked why the store did not wish to stock such cards.

PROVO, Utah – The BYU Store is responding after same-sex marriage cards were found on the store shelves.

The twitter account associated with the store, @byustore, tweeted this response.

A photo was posted to reddit this week showing the cards at the Brigham Young University bookstore, according to provobuzz.com.

More: See the full story from provobuzz.com


  • Bob

    Lucky is the child who lives in a loving family that includes both the bio-mom and bio-dad. Life isn’t fair, and they have an advantage over children who don’t.

  • Travis

    Oh NO!! The world is ending, I hope no old ladies or children saw this, Heaven forbid we welcome all walks of life!

    • Bob

      “Vice is a monster of so frightful mien
      As to be hated needs but to be seen;
      Yet seen too oft, familiar with her face,
      We first endure, then pity, then embrace.” – Alexander Pope

  • Kitty

    If ignorance is bliss this proves Utah is indeed a “FOOL’S PARADISE!!!
    Funny isn’t it the church came here to get away from intolerance, and small minded folks, yet look at what THEY have become…More Intolerant, and ignorant than those that they say persecuted them…Just Sayin’.

      • Bob

        Yes, Bob, there are numerous examples of homosexuality in nature. Ever see the story about the 2 headed snake they found? Living proof that Mother Nature makes a booboo once in a while.

    • Allison

      I am LDS and your statement is factually incorrect. They still allow plural marriages in the temple (for men). Men can be sealed for time and eternity to more than one woman. They also stand behind the doctrine practiced in the early days of the church of plural marriage as a revelation from God.

  • YasminButtercup (@YasminButtercup)

    It’s a business and they are allowed to sell what they wish to. If a baker doesn’t wish to sell a wedding cake, if a photographer doesn’t choose to photograph a wedding, if a store won’t allow a person to enter without a shirt, they all realize they will forgo the money and stand with whatever principle that they are upholding. BYU Bookstore will be losing out on the sale of, possibly, a small handful of these cards that will be sold in 10 years, and if they wish to lose those sales, then they should be able to have the right to do so.

    • Mosquito

      And you don’t have a problem with that result? A private person refuses to make a particular cake, and the government punishes him for it?

      Are you really this stupid, or just trolling?

    • Ronni

      So if a business refused to provide service to someone because they were LDS it would be just fine? Or because they were black? No. That would not be fine. And if a business refused to serve someone because they were LDS…you would be the first to scream discrimination.

  • D. L. Guile

    As a private organization BYU has a perfect right to sell, or prohibit the sale of whatever it pleases to stock on its shelves. If you don’t like it, shop elsewhere. How has BYU become insensitive to the rights of others when their rights were ignored?

  • Bob

    Some parents teach their children morality and some women don’t even have the foggiest idea who their children’s bio-fathers could have been. Some children have two of one kind and none of the other. Sounds confusing to those who understand what Mother Nature intended.

  • Mosquito

    LOL! I love all the self-righteous liberal outrage. “Did you hear the Vatican refuses to open an abortion clinic? HATERS!” You idiots.

    Nice troll, Fox13!

  • mommagem

    People chill please. Just because someone or a group of people choose to believe diffrently, does not mean they hate others who do not agree with them. We still have that right in this country. Lets all just chill.

  • The TRUTH

    Meh, who needs BYU or mormons for that matter, with their sanctimonious, BOM thumping? They think they are better than everyone else and that they know some kind of secret that no one else is privy to when in reality they are simply members of a blatant cult begun by a known charlatan and perpetuated by a megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur.

    Let them have their ignorance and choke on it.

    Rather than bringing attention to their miserable state of existence and potentially benefiting their hatefulness, just ignore them. Pretend they don’t exist. Take your business to establishments that reflect your own personal values and encourage your friends and family to do the same.

    Eventually, the truth will prevail, love will win and the bitter old fruit of mormonism will be withered on the vine while the rest of the enlightened, rational world goes on without their interference or ignorant intolerance.

    Remember, while it may seem like mormons have some kind of stronghold on the world when you live in Utah, they really account for a very small percentage of the world’s population and will surely fade into obscurity within a few generations as society continues to learn and evolve and civilize.

    • mosquito

      “They think they’re better than everyone else”, says the self-righteous, intolerant liberal who thinks the world should march to his drum.

    • Bob

      No, The Truth, the Mormons don’t think they are better than anyone else. They do, however, have a basic idea of what Mother Nature intended, and why children need both a mother and father.

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