Photo: C-130 declares inflight emergency, lands at Hill Air Force Base

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Image submitted by a FOX 13 News viewer

Image submitted by a FOX 13 News viewer

HILL AIR FORCE BASE, Utah — A photo from Hill Air Force Base taken Sunday shows emergency crews responding to a plane that made a hard landing.

A FOX 13 News viewer submitted the photo above and stated in the email a C-130’s landing gear failed.

The individual who emailed the photo stated fire department officials had put down foam in anticipation of the plane touching down, as they had reports that the plane’s landing gear would not descend.

The aircraft sustained damage including a small fire.

A press release from Hill Air Force Base officials stated the C-130 had declared an inflight emergency and performed an emergency landing around 1 p.m. The release stated there were no injuries associated with the landing and that six crewmembers were on board.

The release stated, “The C-130 is owned by the 153rd Air Refueling Wing with the Wyoming Air National Guard. The aircrew was conducting fire-fighting missions and was scheduled to arrive here to refuel and resupply.”

Since July 20 the Department of Defense has used these aircraft in 131 airdrops, discharging more than 244,000 gallons of retardant on wild fires throughout the country.

The C-130 has been in use by the U.S. Military since 1954. It’s manufactured by Lockheed Martin. Each plane costs about $30 million. The plane weighs about 155,000 pounds.

Hill AFB said the investigation into what caused the landing gear to malfunction is still ongoing.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • SN

    Main landing gear is obviously down, just the nose gear is up, so the news crews assertions that they landed without their landing gear is wrong. I like the end when he says they wanted to interview Hill AFB; how do you interview an airbase?

    • Peter Duffy

      So what picture and information were you using. The gear on the C-130 is obviously up and this was a great feat of airmanship to land it with so little damage. The wheel wells of the C-130 do protrude from the side slightly while closed.

      • Jason

        I generally don’t comment on these things, but every once in a while someone says something like “obviously” as they try to refute someone’s correct information. The picture in this article shows the main landing gear doors open. Even though you can’t see the wheels because of the people you can tell the airplane is on its Mains because of how it’s sitting. Also a quick search brings more pictures that make it more “obvious” (

        That being said, the part about “great feat of airmanship to land it with so little damage” is gold and 100% true.

  • Mac

    Incredible how TV stations have no reporters educated in aviation terminology. This writing is about as awkwardly phrased as any I have ever read. The country has really gone downhill aviation education-wise since the peak of the 1960s and 70s. Gear-up landings have been happening for as long as airplanes have been built with retractable landing gear, no great feat of airmanship involved. You just land on the belly, or with as much or as little landing gear is available.

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