South Salt Lake man shot by police posted eerie message days before death

Dillon Taylor - Facebook

Dillon Taylor - Facebook

SOUTH SALT LAKE, Utah – The 20-year-old man Salt Lake City police shot and killed Monday night posted a very telling message on his Facebook page just days before the incident.

Police shot Dillon Taylor outside of a gas station near 2100 S. and S. State St.

Officials said they were called to the area at about 7 p.m. for a report of a man waving a gun.

Authorities said they saw a man matching the description and ordered him to comply.

The man didn’t and police shot him.

Just before Taylor was shot, he posted messages on his Facebook page indicating he was going through some hard times.

Follow the story from the beginning here.

Dillion Taylor's Facebook

Dillion Taylor’s Facebook

S SL shooting Dillion Facebook post 2 explicit copy



    The cops are the biggest gangsters in this game. Seriously though.. aren’t they supposed to protect us? Not kill us.


    Dillon Taylor, was witnessed waving around an object that fit the description of a gun.

    Witness call the police.

    The police arrive to investigate the firearm call.

    The police see the three individuals and order them to stop.

    Dillon Taylor; Unlike the other two, ignored the police officers (interfering with their investigation) and then reached for his waist (Who knows why but if you have guns pointed at you and are ordered to stop, the last thing ANYONE would do is reach for their waist).

    Dillon Taylor, had a felony arrest warrant

    Dillon Taylor, posted to facebook that he would rather die than be locked up in a cell for the felony warrant.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to act like he had a gun and wave whatever object he had around.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to ignore police officers.

    Dillon Taylor, chose to reach for his waist rather than comply with the officers.

    Dillon Taylor, by his own decisions, is now dead..

    Suicide By Cop.

    • Kevin

      Nice try but your 1st statement that Dillon was seen waving an object that looked like a gun is not factual… a person was reported to be in the area waving a gun….he happened to match the description that was broadcast…no one except the cops know what that description consisted of but it was reported that a man i.e. one man and one person’s description. Three people walked out of 7-11….because one of those three matched the description the cops were right to stop them however since the complaint was about one men with a gun I (my personal opinion) would have not thought this was the guy I would have been looking for and certainly would have had enough doubt not to shoot him. They were too quick on the trigger. Were their actions criminal (murder)? My opinion is no and because cops have to make split second decisions with a loaded gun even when they are wrong I don’t think it does anybody any good to prosecute them criminally…but should they still be cops my opinion is no.

      • renatcha

        Kevin, Please be consistent. If A Cop has the right to shoot and not be prosecuted, why should he be out of the police force for that particular Incident. Is like you are saying Although he has the right to shoot, good judgement should come first. which is exactly what they are thought. bet lets admit not every one can be a police, the same all cannot be doctors. It requires natural skill too being a police. some of them are really dum and judgmental to the poor class. Because they are responsible of enforcing the law, they think they are above the law and this cause more problem in the society than normally. Most of the time Police officers have the complex of superiority until you have a civilized conversation with them to indicate their limit.
        Here is my opinion about police:
        They get paid for the risk in their Job like every one else. I do not think the life of a police officer is worth more than that of a citizen whether he is a criminal or not. as a police officer you are trained to keep cool when on duty, think in split seconds and take action to protect even the life of the citizen that is disturbing the peace. That is not the case today. Have you seen the weapons and thanks and machine guns some of these police department have? you will think you are in Iraq. what goes around comes around. this is just the beginning. It is going to get worse before it gets better trust me. That is how this country is. So if you dont want to get killed by a bad guy or you don’t want to kill and get prosecuted and investigated for it don’t go into the police force.

      • Kevin

        I think you misunderstood some of my post and the criminal prosecution or not to prosecute was not the issue I was arguing (probably should have left that out anyway). Look at the Willard case…shooting was found to be unjustified and charges have been filed and that alone has taken well over a year and it will be another year before it ever gets to court and the chance for conviction is not much better than 50/50. The police are now at odds with with the DA so what are the chances he will again find this shooting as unjustified? I’m not saying in every case of an officer involved shooting should they lose their job.but criminal prosecution of unjustified shootings may, and I say may, be a reason to shoot to kill because that removes a witness. I agree that being a cop requires a special set of talents and instincts and I also think that many of the police on the force today do not possess them. Also as soon as the Willard case was ruled unjustified the cops immediately closed ranks and that just polarizes the issue of “us” against “them” that the police seem to have. The biggest problem is the police investigate themselves in officer involved shootings and that alone allows them to keep the truth hidden from the public. Even when the DA investigates he knows that for him to do his job effectively he need the police on his side and that raises the conflict of issue question. For the most part I agree with your post and opinion especially that it is going to get worse before it will get better.

    • Lord Vicious ...The Brutal

      Lay off the hard drugs. there isn’t a person on here that believes your lies “c’mon people”. its kind of hard to commit “suicide by cop” when you aren’t even facing them.nothing you printed has any truth or merit..”you’re disgusting”. at least Dylon is getting coverage. the guy the week before Easter who was shot down by cops in his own back yard and left behind a wife..a son..and “his” other family and friends didn’t even get 2 days of coverage…and he didn’t even “have” a record. the cops who shot both of these men should be up on murder charges..same as anyone else who commits murder. “end of subject”.

    • Tony

      says the cop….. how about you release the video of what happened since the cop had a camera on him and end all of the bs “he did this “

  • brandy

    Some of u who are trying to claim it was suicide should read other comments he had head phones in couldnt hear them and to those who are making comments about his schooling and how he had no job prospects and blah blah blah think of what some people in the past accomplished with out an education that helps u to this day i am trully sorry for ur lose and so sorry that a baby has to live with out his dad now but the babies father will be watching him or her from above and to all u s# it talkers you would be flipping if this happened to ur child and to the idiot that said he could of been hurting his family read the comments that family members posted about how sweet and loving he was this should of never happened cause if there was a gun involved where was this officers back up why werent there officers surrounding the store so this wouldnt happen think before u speak ill about the dead

  • writingmomma

    Rest now young man, you aren’t fighting the demons of this world any longer. I only wish that you would have sought help from the many agencies that are available to ANYONE fighting depression. Yes, there is help available. But, NO agency can help if you don’t want it. If anyone ever feels this way, please call 211!

  • Sparky

    Our main problem is so many folks assuming that they know ALL the facts and drawing their own conclusions about everything and then posting wrong information.

  • Linda Lee

    I had a sister that wore her welcome out on all family members and then some. Maybe there was a reason the family had said “No!”

  • Polly

    I find myself wondering how a homeless guy, with nothing, was posting anything on Facebook. Also wondering how hard it might be to fake a posting on Facebook.

    • Polly

      I admit that I do not know what his warrants were for. Can you tell me which of his crimes would have called for the death penalty if he had only shown up?

      If “none,” then he didn’t really get what he deserved, since he wasn’t trying even to injure the policeman who shot him. I don’t think the death penalty should apply for “anyone who doesn’t instantly follow a policeman’s instructions.”

      I WILL grant, however, that this policeman may have feared Dillon was reaching for a weapon. But this makes the shooting a tragic mistake, not just desserts.

  • Tom Oliver

    Laya is much too generous in writing that half the people on this site are idiots.
    And its just not this site. I’ve never had reason to think of myself as being smart.
    Then came cyberspace and respondents made me feel much better. Self-esteem got a Popeye can of spinach.

    Sir Winston Churchill: “The best argument against a democracy is a 5 min. conversation with an average voter.”
    Maybe in limeyland (UK) but on this side of the pond about 30 sec. would suffice.
    Voters elect who we deserve, so look what we got.

  • SRN

    Wow, it is quite apparent that the majority of comments here are made by individuals that are clueless to the workings of law. Just like the situation in Ferguson, MO the facts have yet to be revealed. No one authority has said the officer involved is black, they could be Hispanic, Native American, Asian and yes even black. The death of someone by the hands of another is always tragic, always. We do not know what happened at the 7-11. We don’t know that Mr. Taylor was going to pull up his pants, turn off his music or pull out a weapon. I really love those that claim to know for fact what happened. You don’t, so get over yourselves. Also, those that want to trash talk police and place them all in one nice tidy pile of poo, how many times have you been arrested, detained, pulled over? I bet it was never your fault was it. I have never worked as a police officer, my first husband was one, and my 30 year old son, an Iraq War vet, is a deputy up in MT. I can tell you he is neither power hungry or a bully, nor was he bullied. He loves his country, his children and his home. He works hard and treats all demographics the same. I would suggest those of you who know everything about everything, pipe down and go back to school. If you can handle it.

    • dave

      wow thats exactly what i was thinking way to go i appreciate you saying that stuff it needed to be said and i couldnt package it so well.

  • hikesocal

    I went to his Facebook page before I saw this article. This wasn’t depression. Depression is clinical. This was a kid who made bad choices and, it appeared, felt that the world owed him something.
    Without knowing any of the details, although the incident was caught on the cops body camera and will be released eventually, I’m going with ‘suicide by cop.’ Something that happens far too frequently.

  • Kevin

    How come the cops didn’t come right out and say he had a gun….and why did every reporter from Fox13 fail to ask the cops that important question? I don’t know if he had a gun and I doubt the public will ever know that fact. Fox 13 is so concerned about losing their exclusives with the cops to ever ask them the tough questions. Their reporting is only thorough if they can sensationalize the story…for example 1 house in north salt lake gets destroyed and devote story after story…160 homes in Helper are flooded and that story runs as a filler piece….I can’t believe they call themselves journalists when they won’t ask the tough questions and do any in depth investigation into most of their stories. The SLC police chief will cover up this story up so the public will never know the truth and Fox 13 will buy into whatever he tells them rather than dig for the truth that historically been the cutting edge of journalism (Remember Berstein and Woodward and Watergate).

  • Connor

    But they never found a gun on him. Police can easily resort to other tactics before using deadly force. That’s how they shoul be trained

  • Jordan

    He didn’t have a gun. That’s y the cops aint giving out infomation on whether he was armed or not. If he was armed u would of heard about when the story came out.

  • Markie Smith

    That is what the article says!!!!

    Because I say that I have a pet Dalmatian, and it is now posted online, does that make it factual!?

    Absolutely not! This is all very speculative. Because a bystander made a phone call saying a man had a gun, and Dillion happened to match the description, which from what I’ve seen, many people in that area do, it automatically makes him guilty?

    Seriously, the ignorance throughout this entire thread is ridiculous.

    None of this has even been confirmed.

  • Luis Godinez

    Cyrus, you do not know a thing. He had no weapon and was shot for not obeying the cops comands. That is murder my friend yet they get to go home and live a life.

  • Beverly J James

    I am do sorry for your lost. Your family even though all did not agree with his life choices, I am sure this is not the result anyone wanted. I hope many family’s learn that we should love more. Of this was a case of mistaken identity, I hope the cops get their just reward.

  • Cindy Anderson LaFay

    Maybe you should get your facts straight you weren’t there. Sorry about your cousin but he was on a suicidal mission. Maybe the family he spoke so kindly of should of got him help instead of calling the cops all the time. If he didn’t have a gun he had something like it, yes I did see it.

  • curious

    Yes it’s sad. Having had a family member on meth I also get when you have to finally say no. We all have choices in life and every one has a consequence. I hope his family can deal with this. It’s extremely hard.

  • Cindysgotagun

    @Cindy Anderson Lafay! So are you saying your the person who call 911 stating he had a gun when he was actually unarmed ?

  • Malcolm Moroni Rasmussen

    Having something like a gun is not the same thing as having a gun. That’s like saying “eerie” messages are the same as depressive messages. People in Utah seem to “see” things in a different light :-( Where I’m from, for that kind of stupidity, you’d get shot in the leg, not murdered. So these guns, you get to aim them when you fire, you can like, shoot people in stupid places and they totally live. In Canada we love guns too we just think of them as things to kill people with, definitely a yankee pride thing. BANG! Dead. There saved a trip to the hospital. Don’t want to get shot? Maybe you shouldn’t be a cop? Just saying. Scared enough of dangerous law enforcement without your gun you find yourself shooting people until they die who never fire back I dunno, maybe take up hunting – too boring? Maybe bring a vest, guy waiving a gun right? Well, now maybe that you’ll survive now he can too? I don’t know I’m not super educated it could be hard to shoot someone without killing them, do they explain how to do that when they give you one, and are those vests like hard to put on or something? Only half of those questions are as sarcastic as you think.

  • Devin

    Caroline, that has got to be one of the most ignorant, naïve, comments I’ve ever read. What, all three cops woke up that morning thinking “ya know what? I sure would like to go to Disneyland before school starts, so I’m gonna either shoot someone or cover up someone else who shoots a civilian.” Do you personally know any cops? Do you have any idea what the process is after an officer involved shooting? Don’t you think that during the administrative leave that officer is being interviewed daily by homicide detectives/ia/the city etc.? It is not really a time to go off and party. Please educate yourself before your spew more false, angry, rhetoric.

  • brad

    Your ugly mouth will condem you!! I hope you get whats coming to you ! You mean negative person instead of positive feedback for the family you wanna say that really sure hope u get what you deserve. You ugly human being

  • Cathy

    Thank you , L! Police are getting out of hand with all these shootings and not just against blacks but the poor and unarmed. All these people who are saying they have the right to kill these citizens really need to search deep down and ask themselves that if this was T H I E R child would they be saying the officers were justified! I don’t believe they would. Yes they have the right to defend themselves but I’m sure the training they receive while in the police academy trains them how to handle situations
    WITHOUT using deadly force.

  • Malcolm Moroni Rasmussen


  • wardlect

    You’re the idiot. The other two guys heard and complied.. Was this kid also blind? Instead of reaching for his waste for a cell phone or to pull up his pants he should have seen the red and blues and his buddies complying with officers.. huge gaps in the story… so please educate yourself before trying to stand on your father’s police record.

  • guest

    i once had a deputy sheriff explain to me, in all candor, that if a policeman pulls his gun he shoots to kill
    because, as he explained, “dead men tell no tales”
    in other words, the policeman wants to be able to control the narrative as to what happened and that is impossible if the victim survives
    he also told me about policemen shooting suspects (really bad guys) while in custody… taking them out to a deserted area and executing them
    also, years ago a friend told me his brother in law who is a psychiatrist told him that police and criminals have the same basic psychological profile
    interesting information, isn’t it?

  • Kevin

    Including the Willard case as part of your argument shows your obvious bias on this issue since that shooting has already been ruled as unjustified and criminal charges have been filed. In all three cases there were no civilian lives in danger.

  • shawn

    Anyone fleeing is not a danger to police.

    As a former law enforcement officer I was trained to only use deal force when I had no alternative and or trapped and feared for my life.

    Shooting someone in the back is wrong period.

    That’s a execution! Not Law Enforcememt.

  • piggyback

    I wouldn’t be worrying about his grammar, but more of his depression. If you feel that it was more important to point that out to someone who is struggling in their own head, then you might want to open up a dictionary, or turn spell check on. I am really glad that I have people in my life that care about me as a whole, not my grammar. Shame on you! And to this post directly, it is a shame that fox has to post these from his Facebook! He was depressed! Why don’t they bring up the fact that he had his headphones in and reached into his pocket to turn off the music, and that the cop overreacted with his happy, little trigger finger and killed someone who was unarmed!? Fox, shame on you as well! America is going to hell in a hand basket!

  • EM

    Jean and Caroline….I hope you two people are really one in the same and you just made up a second ID…I just hate to believe there are two people that stupid!! You think they should try and tase him to be polite instead of shoot him??? Gtfoh with that!

  • Aurora

    Devin, either your a cop it your Dad, brother etc…
    They give up their police issued gun and if it’s a “good” shooting Oh poor p.o. Had to fill out paper and you know as well as I and many, it’s not like TV the questioning is by other law enforcement officials! Whether it’s a meter maid or breast officer THEY ALL HAVE QUOTAS THEY HAVE TO MEET!! Maybe it’s not how many civilians you kill but Caroline is right in the aspect that when all is said and done! THEY GET PAID LEAVE, YEAH I’D SAY THAT’S TO MUCH OF AN INSENTIVE TO “SHOOT 1ST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER” IF THE PERSON LIVES

  • molly m

    Im all for police protecting themselves. I have family in law enforcement and I am a first responder myself. However, the man was found to be unarmed. This article also leaves out the CRUCIAL detail that he had headphones on, could not hear the orders and simply went to pull up his pants. This was murder plain and simple. They shot the wrong man. Officers should be trained to not just panic and shoot until they see the suspect is a threat or is yielding a weapon. This is all insane.

  • Justin

    Yes, lets make the police scared to protect themselves, and threaten them with jail time. How about we let them do their jobs and stop with our uninformed opinions. As if you know the circumstances behind these shootings.

  • Kevin

    You’ve got to be kidding me….you really think that they are thinking “Wow, I really could use some paid time off maybe I’ll try and shoot someone today!!” Carolyn’s post and your support of it have got to be two of the most moronic things I’ve seen posted on here. I think they were absolutely wrong to shoot this kid….but to think as they arrived on the scene that “here is a chance for some paid time off” was going through their minds, and to really believe that…is absolutely ridiculous.

  • Devin

    Devin, either your a cop it your Dad, brother etc…
    They give up their police issued gun and if it’s a “good” shooting Oh poor p.o. Had to fill out paper and you know as well as I and many, it’s not like TV the questioning is by other law enforcement officials! Whether it’s a meter maid or breast officer THEY ALL HAVE QUOTAS THEY HAVE TO MEET!! Maybe it’s not how many civilians you kill but Caroline is right in the aspect that when all is said and done! THEY GET PAID LEAVE, YEAH I’D SAY THAT’S TO MUCH OF AN INSENTIVE TO “SHOOT 1ST AND ASK QUESTIONS LATER” IF THE PERSON LIVES
    Aurora, if your “accusation” of law enforcement affiliation is accurate, wouldn’t that give me more credibility in regards to what actually happens from the law enforcement side? You must have thought, “Woah woah woah, someone who actually knows what he’s talking about, we can’t have that!”. But no, I’m not a cop, and I don’t have any siblings/parents that are cops. I am just someone who tries to use the facts of the situation to make decisions instead of prejudices and chaotic emotion. I have to ask though, how many times have you witness and internal investigation go down at a police department? Where did you get your knowledge from? My guess is from other cop haters, who got their info from other cop haters, who got their info from other cop haters, who got their…well…you get the point. You think that all cops are a bunch of soulless killing machines who have to moral compass? Everyone is willing to cover up the murders they all commit? I’m sorry your perspective of law enforcement officers is so off base. I’m glad you brought up the quota misconception. True, there are departments out there that have quotas for tickets issued, but I do know for a 100% fact that the Salt Lake City Police Department does not have ANY quotas like that. What kind of sociopath are you to think that a “paid vacation” is any type of incentive to take the life of another human being? Have you ever taken a life? Do you have any idea what type of emotional and psychological strain that takes on someone? I can promise you, 100 free trips to Disneyland or whatever you think happens after this type of a tragedy is not “incentive enough to shoot first and ask questions later”.

  • molly m

    Are you serious? It probably all happened very quickly. Because someone does not respond in time they deserve to be shot? Who knows if he even saw his friends put their hands up. Non lethal force until there is a CLEAR threat

  • Tina

    What they failed to include is that Dillon had ear phones in not paying attention when he reached down to pull his pants up he was shot!!! Come on people stop assuming!! The cops can aim for an arm or an leg not automatically shoot to kill!! They did not know FOR SURE this was who they were looking for!!

  • Kevin

    Felicia I am not saying anything about the good intentions of the cops because I don’t believe the standard line of “I became a cop to help people.” is really the true reason.most cops started in law enforcement. In fact my experience with law enforcement I’ve seen two general personality types (and keep in mind these are broad generalities). Bullies and those that were picked on by bullies. Bullies because they love the power, control, authority the badge gives them and the justification to use it as they see fit. Those who were on the receiving end as a way to “get even” for their victimization. The problem is we’ve allowed them to operate unchecked since 9-11 all in the name of national security and we are now witnessing the results of this. Namely the erosion of our basic rights and freedoms coupled with the abuse of authority by those in law enforcement and they’ve wrapped it all up in the US “red-white and blue flag” everyone thinks it is patriotic. But to think this kid was shot because these cops were looking to get a paid vacation is asinine..

  • Mechelle

    I completely understand your frustration. As a black woman I am saddened that this young mans life and murder was not publicly acknowledged. This is that day old argument that the media focuses on the negatives.

  • Aarif Nasir Al Din

    It is easy to say when white people being gunned down by the cops is a relative rarity. But there have been about 6 unarmed black men killed by cops in the last 45 days alone. And in fact, over the last 6 years or so an average of two black men per week have been unduly killed by police/ security guards/ etc. It is to the point where someone has to stand up and say too many “accidents” are happening to black people and this BS needs to stop now!

  • Phyllis Mae

    Philly …Molly’s statement made the most sense out of all the other comments. This young man lost his life because of headphones, and because he fit the description. Please stop trying to analyze this situation, you were not there. All you know is what you’ve read. The more this story is commented on, the more it get altered. It’s a sad story, pray for everyone involved.


    That’s funny. How do you know he lost his life because of headphones.. you weren’t there.

    How are you going to tell people not to analyze the situation when they weren’t there when that is exactly what you are doing .. hypocrite.

    He lost his life because he decided he’d rather die than go to jail for a felony warrant, suicide by cop.

  • marcus

    Isn’t that the truth! All of salt lake in an uproar about the cop killing the dog what’s anybody doing about this?

  • Cory

    How many white people are killed by blacks all the time? How many blacks kill other blacks? There should never be a race card, it’s old and tiring. I’m tired of hearing about all of it, our country is going down and it’s going down fast…very very sad.

  • Tom Oliver

    SLC shooting doesn’t qualify for RACISM because the ethnic requirements are not met.

    The NC “minority” who shot dead the baby in the stroller the mom was pushing because the mom had no money.
    Event not RACISM because ethnicity of perp and vic not right.

    Fox news is biased whereas BBC, CBS, ABC, MSBC report accurately the news without even a slight hint of bias.

    Outside right now there is a flight of pigs serenading us with AIDA. Bet you didn’t know pigs can fly..

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