The top 5 best-selling booze in Utah

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FOX 13 requested a list of the top-selling alcoholic products in Utah. Here's what the DABC provided:

Best-selling by dollars:

  • Barton Vodka, 1750 ml
  • Fireball, 750 ml
  • Smirnoff, 1750 ml
  • Jack Daniels Black, 1000 ml
  • Patron Silver, 750 ml

Best-selling by bottle or can:

  • Ice House
  • Squatter's Hop Rising
  • Stella Artois
  • Busch Ice
  • Pacifico Lager

The lists come the same day the DABC provided new figures for its last fiscal year, showing the agency made more than $367 million in sales.


  • Bob

    This article has made the, “most likely to annoy a Mormon” lol. Oh no! Some kid may see some alcohol bottles and instantly become evil!!!

  • Desert Pete

    Lucky children, Bob, have parents who explain why they don’t need alcohol to enjoy life. I can understand why that concept would be hard for men without families to understand.

  • Jerry Liberal

    No real surprise Barton’s tops the list. You can find empty bottles of it near the shelter, Pioneer Park, Fairmont Park, Sugarhouse Park…..

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