Pioneer Day gathering in SLC encouraged LDS Church members to resign

SALT LAKE CITY -- The expectations didn't quite match the actuality as a crowd of about 100 people gathered in City Creek Park, some to sign letters of resignation from the The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and most to show support for those resigning.

The event organizers expected between 400 and 600 to attend but said they are pleased with how it went anyway.

"The purpose of this sort of event, demonstration, protest, is to give voice to the people that are marginalized within the LDS religious community," organizer Micah Nickolaisen said.

On a park bench in the middle of the crowd, Tamara Fox sat penning her letter of resignation.

Now 33, Fox said she stopped attending about 10 years ago. She considers her resignation a statement of solidarity with women who, unlike her, want to remain in the faith while voicing support for women's ordination.

"I'm particularly excited to be here today because the reason I initially stopped participating in the church is because of issues of gender and the way that women are treated in the church," Fox said.

Fox referred specifically to Kate Kelly, the founder of Ordain Women, who was excommunicated from the LDS Church by a disciplinary council in Virginia on June 23.

After a few short speeches spoken through a megaphone, the crowd marched around Temple Square before depositing letters of resignation in a mailbox across from the Lion House on State Street and South Temple.

The LDS Church staff were not working Thursday due to the state holiday and could not be reached for comment.

For more information about the group who organized the protest, visit


      • Chris

        That was the dumbest comment I’ve seen this year. Congrats. You are saying that because Hilter wasn’t mormon that he caused the deaths of millions of jews? Maybe some reflection on yourself is in order.

      • robinobishop

        Great one Otter. Had a good laugh. These same 100 will be back again next year….doing it all over again for a different reason….removing themselves from the records of the church where there records no longer exist.

      • Amanda

        If everyone believes every single thing they read on the internet then the world is even more trouble than I thought.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Right, Amanda, because believing books written by documented charlatans who are profiting from your ignorance is SO much more intelligent. I don’t advocate that anyone tithe to me or believe what I say without questioning – I advocate only that people educate themselves properly before dedicating themselves to a religion.

      • Amanda

        I never said that authors of actual books were more credible. Everyone needs to do their homework, yes, and take most things they read with a grain of salt. But you specified the internet, as did everyone else who made a similar comment, so I chose to focus on that. You can’t trust everything you read on the internet nor can you trust everything you read in books.

        And there is nothing wrong with dedicating yourself to a religion if you believe in it and if it makes you happy and makes your life better.

    • robinobishop

      The folks from got at most 5 people to authentically ‘resign’ for the first time.Perhaps those who missed out don’t have internet. Really. For all the anti-Mormon jabber on the web about the general exodus and support within the church for Katy “whats-her-name”, this must be worse than disappointing. What’s the point? Where is the news, except to point out the deception? The overwhelming majority of those attending refused an opportunity to be seen on camera or to speak. They weren’t there to exit the church at all; so many weren’t members.

      If only five of the 100 actually resigned, what was it that the other 95 were doing> hoping for refreshments or looking for a ride?

    • Desert Pete

      Rational people don’t hold organizations accountable for unauthorized criminal behavior by its members.

      • B0yd

        Neither do Rational people refuse to acknowledge and accept truth and facts when they conflict with their “feelings”.

        Alas, we know many who do

  • Magic Undies Cult

    Seeing this many people opposing the cult is refreshing. Wake up LDS, you days are done, Utah will become to a normal state soon enough.

    • Frank

      Well, I’m sure those against the Church said that every time a serious news story was covered about the LDS faith.

      Nothing so far.

    • Bob

      With all the killings, rapes, robberies, and carjackings going on in the more “sophisticated” states I’m not sure we here in Utah want to follow their “normal” behavior.

  • Your "god"

    I am the second coming of your “god” and I have to admit I was lying about everything. I created you all then all of the different religions cause I was bored and wanted to see some action. I also wanted to see who would blindly follow me and kill in my name the most. My bad.
    Oh, the bible, koran and all other religious texts were a long con I was playing so I could get your money, I just can’t seem to save any, so thank you all of my sheep.
    The truth is I do not exists and neither did my “son”, now go get a proper education and let me go.
    Your “god”.

  • SarahJ

    I honestly just don’t understand this. I left the church years ago because I do not believe it is true. But if you want to be a member of the LDS church you then also must believe in the power of the prophet of that church. And if he say’s no to women having the priesthood… And if you believe he is the prophet of god, then that is what GOD has said. You don’t like it? Move on because you obviously do not believe… The whole “hey lets whine and cry and stomp our feet to get equality” Its just stupid. Stay and follow the prophet or put on your big girl pants and leave like the rest of us have.. Just stupid.

    • Matt Brown

      100% agree. “Jack” Mormons claim to be Mormons, but they think they get to pick and choose what parts to follow. Religious texts are to be interpreted as the infallible word of God. It’s all or nothing. If you think you’re exempt from certain parts, or if you think your ideas are better than God’s, you seriously need to reconsider whether you belong in that religion.
      Good on you Sarah for having the courage and open mind to lead your life the way you feel is right.

  • otterwithkids

    While this is certainly very sad for the individuals involved, this is actually a very good thing for the Church. By removing themselves from the Church, they save Church members the time and effort of ministering to 100 people who don’t want to be ministered to, thus freeing us up to minister to the other fifteen million (or seven billion, depending on how you count) who actually might want to be.

    Of course, all this ignores the fact that these misguided individuals are apparently leaving the Church in protest of a policy they don’t seem to understand. Anyone who thinks Latter-day Saint women don’t hold the Priesthood obviously hasn’t been paying attention for the last 160-175 years.

  • Bob

    Anybody ever grow a garden? Part of the job is pulling weeds that detract from its beauty and take water and nutrients the healthy plants need.

    A little weeding is a healthy and necessary thing. So what’s all the fuss about?

  • Troy Gray

    I have lived in Utah my entire life. Except for my time overseas in the Army, I have called Utah Home. I am not a mormon nor do I belong to any religious institution. You have to look at why Jesus was considered a threat. He was telling people that they didn’t have to go to the temple, or pay in order get to heaven. Jesus got very upset when he seen all the merchants in the temple selling things. “Turning my Father’s house into a den of Thieves”. There is not one single religious organization that can get anyone into heaven. We all walk in a temple. Good and Bad we know the difference because it’s written in our essence. God is with us. Whether you call him God, Allah, Elohim, Heavenly father realize that you do not need RELIGION. You have a one on one, speed dial, communication with him. Why have a middle man. The one thing that LDS people must understand is that You cannot become gods, or goddesses of your own planet. There is only one God. It is repeated over and over and over in the Bible. You cannot pick and choose what to believe in the bible. You accept it or you don’t. In Fact only one creature said that Adam and Eve could become like gods and that is the Serpent. Isn’t that chilling. That your church doctrine says you can become gods and the only being saying you could is the Devil? Free your minds. RELIGION is made to control us. Show me any where in the bible where it says you must be a certain RELIGION to enter heaven. You won’t find it because it is not there and my brothers and sisters you don’t need it. In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. Bless you all Non LDS and LDS a like. I love you for you are all my brothers and sisters.

  • Brad Iverson

    I think we could count the vast majority of Mormons, who are not active, as nonbelievers. It’s just not that important to them to stand up in public and denounce the church. They simply have other priorities. BTW, if you haven’t read Letter to a CES Director, I highly recommend it. Not only is it well-written, it raises some interesting questions as well.

  • Andrew Ries

    The problem with religion, is that they all think the purpose of life is to separate good from evil.
    The truth of the matter is good and evil are just two parts of the same thing. God is omnipotent, meaning (all powerful and unlimited) but if you think about it, being omnipotent would leave you limited in one way: growth. God created the universe so he could grow, and growth is the meaning of life. The purpose of life however is not to separate good from evil, but rather to learn to recognize them for what they are, and act upon them accordingly. The only thing one should hate, is hate itself. So please don’t hate others for being different. Let’s all accept each other for who we are and just enjoy our life’s, shall we?
    I say these things in the name of all that’s good, Amen.

    • Andrew Ries

      Another mistake many people make is the understanding of the word FREEDOM. Most people think it means free to do what they want, when they should realize it means free to do what they should. And every one is free to do what they should, and if we all did what we should there would be peace on earth.

  • Gwen

    HAHAHAHAHA “resignation letters” any worthy member knows that is not how it works
    you tell your Bishop to have your name removed from the rolls- there is no such thing as a “resignation letter”
    oh my gosh I can’t stop laughing at this nonsense!

  • Ed P

    And if they don’t join, then we can shun them from the community. When we change the laws so that belief is mandatory, then we can imprison the Atheists.

  • trevor

    Did one, waiting for my wife to graduate from college to do the other. Aren’t Mormons supposed to be welcoming though?

  • Troy

    So, if ex-Mormons are allowed to leave peacefully, can the wards please let people leave without shunning, coming to the door a thousand times, telling you how you are going to hell, etc. People can leave the church, but the church can never leave them alone.

  • Jace Mosdell

    Now I am LDS, and I’ve done some research on Mountain Meadows and it was all because a group of men acted overzealously with a group of Paiute Indians that were jumpy because they thought it was a trick. In reply to Andy, this doesn’t mean we are all murderous cultists that just wanted to be left alone, we are a very loving people that have strong communities built on the foundation of trust and understanding. But if you want to harp on my beliefs and what I stand for with the Church then go ahead, but I’ll still do my duty to God unhindered.

  • otterwithkids

    I’m confused. You want Church members to:
    1) stop ceasing contact with people who leave
    2) stop keeping in contact with those who leave

    Am I the only one who sees a problem here?

  • robinobishop

    learned helplessness combined with scapegoating. If Jesus still loves you, what’s the problem? Land somewhere and make something positive happen. You got plenty of churches to check out without any demands on your time.

  • Bob

    In one breath, TROY, you criticize the Mormons for shunning, and in the next you want them to leave you alone? Are you really that shallow?

  • Emily Jacobson

    I’m with Bob on this one Troy. You comment makes no sense. You can’t “shun” someone and also come to the door a thousand times. The two actions are mutually exclusive. If you want people to quit coming to your door, at least as official representatives of the church, then send in your resignation letter and ask the Bishop for no further contact. This won’t stop friends or members of your family from attempting to talk you around, because they love you and hope you’ll come back into the fold. But that is something for you, your family and your friends to work out. It has nothing to do with official action from the church.

  • Adam

    They don’t come back and tell you anything if you have removed your name from the records of the church. The church is more than happy to leave them alone. Normally it is those who have left who want to make the noise who can’t leave the church alone and make a ruckus, hence the reason the article was written.

  • B0yd

    With all respects, this is one issue a Mormon is unlikely to grasp.
    It’s two separate groups. Friends and family do the shunning, new move ins to a ward and missionaries do the outreach / rescuing.
    BUt we don’t expect Mormons to get it. I mean if you can read ces letter and still buy it, you won’t be able to see how the shunning and passive aggressive strategy operates.

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