Utah County man accused of bestiality pleads guilty (WARNING: Graphic Content)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Update: The man accused of engaging in sexual acts with an American Fork family’s dog has pleaded guilty.

Melvin Pace is facing multiple charges including bestiality, lewdness with a prior offense, trespassing and

Pace is scheduled for sentencing in December.

AMERICAN FORK, Utah – A 65-year-old man is facing felony charges after police arrested him for allegedly engaging in sexual activity with a family’s dog.

American Fork Police Lt. Sam Liddiard said Melvin Pace is accused of going into a family’s yard, where they have a dog run, and performing sexual acts with the family’s dog.

The police report states Pace was allegedly involved in bestiality with the male Kangal breed on five different occasions.

“He has priors with the same situation with the same dog,” Lt. Liddiard said. “These incidents date back to December of 2013.”

Lt. Liddiard said Pace was arrested and charged in Dec. 2013, May 2014 and June 2014; he has three lewdness convictions.

The family found out this was happening because they have trail cameras set up in the yard.

They noticed the dog was getting out and couldn’t figure out how so they set up the cameras.

The footage showed Pace was not closing the dog run when he left.

Back in Dec. 2013 he was told to stay off the family’s property.

According to the report, authorities ordered Pace to get a psycho-sexual evaluation which was scheduled for the end of July.

He also receiving court-ordered treatment.

“Part of the lewdness charges were because of where the home is located,” Lt. Liddiard said. “It is close to a business, the frontage road and Frontrunner. When the individual comes on the property, he does it at night, and when vehicles are leaving, the business, the headlights shine on him. He is in the open and people can see what he is doing.”

Pace has prior charges and convictions for these offenses so now he is facing a felony.


  • Suzanne

    People disgust me! This is beyond sick. He had priors on at least 5 different occasions and he was still allowed to have contact with this dog?! Unbelievable. What a despicable piece of garbage. He needs to be locked up for good!

    • Lori J

      He’s been coming back to see this dog since last December?? That’s like 4 1/2 dog years. I call that a long term relationship!

      • Trish Ramirez

        LOL, right? In all seriousness though, it’s pretty hypocritical that dude is facing charges for some dog lovin’ and a cop can shoot a dog in the head with no cause and be labeled a hero.

        I think that this dog fared better than the shot dog, despite the fact that this dude clearly has some issues.

        Maybe he needs some psychological help rather than criminal charges.

    • Ken Walker

      Trespassing isn’t right, but it doesn’t make someone a despicable piece of garbage. As far as this article indicates, it’s the only thing he did wrong.

  • carol

    Don’t be such am idiot. You ate so full of hate you just can’t wait to spew your filth even when you know nothing. Go back under your rock.

  • Janet A

    Fox 13 I just think that you should turn this report to Why is this man being charged??? the police said that a DOG is only property so where would the charges lie??? Is this a rule of cops get to change the laws and rules to fit there needs. A dog either is or is not property. The cops can shoot a dog\property but this man does this to a dog and now it is illegal. I am not saying that i think that what he did is wrong but we should all be held to the same standard.

    • Anita

      Janet A may be your hero but personally I think you are both sick and depraved to think that abuse like this to an animal is ok. I hope you are on the receiving end in your next life if Karma doesn’t put you there in this one.

  • Connie Sumlin

    That poor dog, I feel very sorry for it. And i believe the dog will definetly need some Therapy! And if that sick old man was on my property doing that i would have shot him! He needs to be locked up for good and never have a chance to get out! !!!!!!!!!!

    • Ken Walker

      “That poor dog, I feel very sorry for it. And i believe the dog will definetly need some Therapy!”
      I feel sorry for the man, as far as I can tell from this article the dog was just fine but the man is facing felony charges.

  • Mark

    leave the poor man alone, the police don’t have nothing better to do than shot dogs WHICH is OK for them and their chief, this old man still in need of intimacy, if he try do it with a woman before everybody eyes he will be a dirty old man, or if he want to do it with somebody younger, he will be a pervert and devious person, and woman in most of the time is not going to have intimacy with an old man for many reasons,mainly because his age, probably no money,and ladies required a younger person, either way, the poor man according almost everybody is a descanting, this man feel and need, like ALL of us cut to been saints, is a human been, who is going to solve this man problem or needs all the ones who is judging him?, Look to your own back yard,I’m sure you going to find something there and, I bet you going to be quite about it

  • Shawn Pace

    In no way am I condoning the behavior of Melvin Pace. It is completely unacceptable. Clearly, he needs helps.

    That said, I do have additional information that FOX13 did not disclose (possibly due to them simply being unaware) on their initial run of this story that may shine some additional light on this sad situation. Mel served his country honorably in the Vietnam War as a Radio Telephone Officer as well as on Helicopter Duty. For his service, he received our great nation’s fourth-highest individual military award, the Bronze Star Medal.

    While fighting for the freedoms we all enjoy today, he was exposed to Agent Orange. For those who are unaware, Agent Orange is known to cause serious health issues–including tumors and psychological symptoms. Today, Mel has a brain tumor, and clearly, psychological issues. Also as a result of his service, he has been rated at 100% Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

    As his son, I wonder what kind of man he would be today had he not responded to the call to serve. I’m confident that one day, likely not in this life, I’ll know. For now, I’ll continue to sing praises to all who have fought to preserve the liberties that we all enjoy and sympathize for the long-lasting negative effects that oftentimes are associated with their service. I don’t know what it’s like to be in my dad’s shoes, and likely, neither do you. I hope he is provided with the help that he clearly needs. I love you dad.

    • Trish Ramirez

      Shawn, I’m truly sorry that your dad (and really your whole family) is going through the terrible aftermath of being exposed both to war and a terrible neurotoxin. Like I said in my previous comment, it was pretty apparent that the proper course of action in this case is getting this guy some kind of psychological help rather than throwing him in jail and dealing with this criminally. Particularly if he’s dealing with the effects of a brain tumor, which can have huge impacts on the way people think and behave.

      I’m also sorry that the media chose to publicly shame your dad and your family by throwing this story out as some kind of laugh piece to fill a few minutes of airtime and generate some internet buzz – especially without knowing your dad’s background.

      Good luck, and I hope that your family and your dad can get access to the help and resources you need to keep him in some reasonably dignified standard of care if his situation is going to keep deteriorating. For the personal sacrifices he’s made for his country, he deserves much better than to be publicly mocked for TV ratings.

      • Shawn Pace

        Thanks for your understanding Trish. I shared additional details with FOX13 directly over four hours ago. They have not updated the story with any of these additional details as of yet. With several thousands of Facebook shares already and growing, I hope they update the story sooner rather than later.

        This is a great opportunity to evaluate how each of us judge others. Thanks again Trish for judging justly. “For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.” -Matthew 7:2

      • Trish Ramirez

        You’re more than welcome, Shawn. And please pass the word to your dad that not everyone in the world thinks that his sacrifice should result in being the media’s punch-line. I’m appalled at how this story was covered. Good vibes to you and yours.

      • Anita

        You really think that this guy is exempt from consequences of such a disgusting act (done repeatedly nontheless) just because he has PTSD and whatever else? If the man is that mentally unstable, he should be under constant supervision because what he has been doing is sick and obviously wrong. Just because an animal can’t speak our language does not mean that it is a victimless crime. Shame on all of you callous idiots that find this to be a laughing matter or that it is a crime that should go unpunished. What is wrong with people these days? Our way of thinking and our moral boundaries are so seriously twisted it’s sad.

      • Trish Ramirez

        Are you serious? I didn’t say he should be ‘exempt from consequences’ and I did say he needed to be getting some kind of help – obviously that help would do the most good if he were removed from society for a while, in some kind of in-patient treatment.

        But did you not read the discussion we were having? It is apparent that despite this man’s military service, he is being denied the proper help that he needs and deserves. He was exposed to neurotoxins during his military service, which have caused irreparable damage to his brain function, he now has a brain tumor and on top of that PTSD.

        The government that seeks to punish him and the society for which he sacrificed the best parts of his life that doesn’t want him anymore have let him down, have not provided him with the comprehensive mental and physical health services that he should have received as a vet. Have you not been following the recent VA scandal news? This is not an isolated story.

        No one said what he did was okay, what we are saying is that he SHOULD be treated – probably for a long time prior to this incident. He knows it and his family knows it.

        The government should be taking care of him, but they aren’t.

        Are you going to?

        Are you really more concerned about the welfare of this dog than the man who was deprived of a good life by his government and then left to deal with the psychological and neurological aftermath of what they exposed him to with no resources for proper treatment?

        Pull your head out, lady.

    • sk911

      I hope your dad gets the help he so clearly needs, It makes me sick that another vet (Like my own dad) who needs physical and psychological help is not getting it. They sacrificed so much. I agree with Trish.
      Good luck. I hope this works out in the best possible way for everyone. There is nothing “funny” about this story. I’m sorry people can be such colossal d-bags.

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