Park Service warning residents about increased traffic as Rainbow Family leaves Utah

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HEBER CITY, Utah – The Rainbow Family gathering is wrapping up and family members are heading out.

Officials said at the peak of the gathering at least 8,000 people took part.

The forest service is reminding everyone to be aware of a big increase in vehicle and foot traffic in the West Fork of the Duchesne River area as people leave.

There will also be an increase in dust and bumps on road surfaces.

Authorities said a group of Rainbows will stay behind to help clean up the site and assist the forest service with rehabilitation efforts including trash removal, obliteration of user-created trails, filling and covering slit trenches, and latrines and dismantling man-made structures.


    • jewlzzz

      I so totally agree with you!!!!! Those dirty hippies, those dirty jews, those dirty blacks…. Heil Fat A Z Z so. park. BIGOT!!

  • Pudgy Kid From South Park

    Question: If 8000 conservatives showed up and wanted to camp where permits don’t allow more than 16 people, would THEY be accommodated?

    I suspect not.

  • akb427

    If you think the government is accomodating towards Rainbow events because the cops and BLM love hippies, you are not in touch with reality. The government “accomodates” Rainbow Gatherings because after 35 years of trying to stop them, they realized it was a hopeless hassle that made them look bad. If 8000 people with no corporation involved head to one patch of national forest on two week’s notice, there is no good way to stop them. Ironically, though, what the feds couldn’t do, time is accomplishing; the gatherings are much smaller than they used to be. And even so, the feds issue tickets for speeding 1 mph over the limit and waste tax dollars photographing everyone at the gathering from helicopters.

  • tohbi

    i attended what i believe was the first rainbow gathering at strawberry mtn, outside of a town i think is called granville colo. it was a beautiful group of loving gentle people, very respectful of the environment. that was back in the early 70s. i can only imagine the carnage that 8000 conservatives would create under similar circumstances today.

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