10th Circuit Court of Appeals: Utah attorney general misses filing deadline in same-sex marriage case

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SALT LAKE CITY – The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has sent the Utah attorney general’s office a notice stating it missed deadlines in a same-sex marriage recognition case.

According to the notice, the A.G.’s office “failed to comply with the requirements of the Federal Rules of Appellate
Procedure or Tenth Circuit Rules.”

It states the A.G.’s office has not filed a “copy of a transcript order or a statement of why a transcript was not

The notice says the A.G. missed the deadline to file its statements to the court.

The A.G.’s office has 10 days to file to necessary documents in the case.

This notice is for the Evans v. State of Utah case.

The American Civil Liberties Union, the ACLU of Utah and Strindberg & Scholnick, LLC, filed a lawsuit on behalf of four same-sex couples legally married in Utah.

Their marriages were valid but Utah has placed the recognition of their marriages on hold indefinitely.

MORE: See the notice from the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals



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    How do you spell the word IMPEACH! This is exactly why the AG was NOT elected instead is Swallow. Those delegates who met with Reyes felt he would not represent the views of his condtitutients! He is a left wing BYU graduate who was trained in law in the liberal Peoples Democratic Republic of California. Enjoy it Reyes because this is your only chance to screw things up. The alphabet soup group you represent is delighted. Goodbye Reyes!

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