SLCPD officer resigns after accusations of refusing to work Pride parade

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SALT LAKE CITY — A Salt Lake City police officer has officially resigned after allegations of refusing an assignment during the Pride parade this past weekend.

According to a statement from the police department Tuesday, officials received a written resignation from the officer who was under an internal investigation related to the officer’s parade assignment.

Police would not comment further on the issue due to pending litigation on the matter. The internal case is now closed.

The officer’s name has never been made public.

The officer’s attorney, Bret Rawson, told FOX 13 that his client worked on the motorcycle squadron for the Salt Lake City Police Department and was uncomfortable with his role at the Pride parade.

Rawson said the officer has “conservative, religious beliefs” and felt that riding with the motorycle squad would be seen as “advocating in favor of the LGBTQ community, a position which made him uncomfortable given his personal and religious beliefs.”

Rawson claims the officer had managed to trade roles with another officer, when department administration intervened and put him on suspension.

“He never flatly refused to do his job in that motorcade,” Rawson said in an interview with FOX 13. “Instead of being given that opportunity, he was ridiculed in the press by allegations of bigotry and more.”

On Friday, the officer was put on paid administrative leave.


  • Cartman

    And, as this story points out, he DID work the parade. He just traded with another officer for the Parade Leader position.

    Time for a civil rights lawsuit.

  • Cartman

    He did NOT refuse to work security for the parade. He refused to be the Grand Marshal of the parade. So most of the stories written about this have lied. Lies which were immediately and unquestioningly swallowed by liberals.

    • Jason

      He refused to work the duties he was assigned. He did not refuse to be Grand Marshal, he was never offered that position. If he refuses to do his duty for “religious beliefs” or any other reason, what else would he refuse. He can’t be trusted to do his job.

  • Jason

    If he’s part of the motorcycle squad and told by his superiors to represent as such as a public servant to the community, he needs to do his job. If he can’t, then he should find another job. He broke trust with the community he was sworn to protect.

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