Draper boy killed by falling statue in San Francisco

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SAN FRANCISCO — A 2-year-old Draper boy died Friday after a statue fell on him outside a San Francisco art gallery, a family friend confirmed to FOX 13 News Monday afternoon.

Kayson Shelton was playing outside Majestic Collection Art Gallery when he climbed up on a large dolphin statue, causing the statue to become unbalanced and tip over, according to the San Francisco Gate Chronicle.

Kayson did not appear to be seriously hurt when emergency personnel arrived, the report said, but his condition worsened when he arrived at San Francisco General Hospital.  He was pronounced dead at 3:40 Friday afternoon, about four hours after the accident, the article reported.

“The last words he spoke in this life were ‘I love you.’ Such a beautiful and loving child, and while we are greatly

submitted photo

submitted photo

comforted in the knowledge that families are forever, we will dearly miss his smiling face until then,” the family wrote on their website created for Kayson.

More information about the toddler and how to donate to the family can be found at www.kaysonshelton.com.

Friends of the Sheltons set up a fundraising website at: http://www.youcaring.com/memorial-fundraiser/kayson-shelton/188172?utm_source=widget.

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  • Steve Leonard

    Sad that he was hurt and died. Also sad that there might have been a lack of supervision. We taught our kids from the beginning, if it isn’t yours you don’t touch it. Prayers go out for the family that they will find peace and be comforted as they deal with this huge loss.

    • Mikell

      He wasn’t unsupervised..he was playing peek a boo. Learn the facts before you make a dousche comment

    • Nedly Mandingo III

      It’s the store’s fault, they were breaking rules by putting that 6′ tall statue out on the sidewalk.

    • Lott O Id

      He stepped on the base of a 300# statue. No 25# kid should be able to topple that. It was poorly balanced and placed illegally.

  • kathy

    Give this poor family a break. But for the grace of God, it could have been your family. I do not even know this family but they need your sympathy,Not your self-righteous judgement! Jaime and Sage,, count your blessings rather than make a very tragic situation worse with your judgements!

  • Sheri

    Why is it that there always has to be people who have to make this type of comment? Can’t you just say “So sad, Condolences to the family” and leave your rude remarks stay in your head? These parents will always suffer and you making comments like this is not only rude and mean, but show a real lack of compassion. I hope that you never have to suffer the lose of a child and you can bet that you will have to answer someday to your Maker for such thoughtlessness.

  • Nedly Mandingo III

    LAWSUIT. That store was repeatedly warned to keep it’s junk behind a blue painted line on the sidewalk and they broke that on numerous occasions. A 6′ statue has no business being on the sidewalk if it’s not bolted down. Completely reckless, anyone could have bumped into that dolphin statue and knocked it over.

  • Georgia Vallejos

    A terrible tragedy for sure, but I have to agree with others who have said lack of supervision. The child was only 2 years old, climbing on a 6 foot piece of art like it was playland at Macdonalds, and parents didn’t stop him? If this generation of parents don’t wake up, we aren’t going to have many children left. Instead of looking for someone to sue, watch your kids!

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