Police: 12-year-old girls stab friend 19 times

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WAUKESHA, Wisc. — Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults Monday after they allegedly stabbed one of their friends19 times, according to a report from WITI-TV in Milwaukee.

“Based on our investigation, it is believed that the suspects had planned to kill the victim for several months. The Waukesha Police Department is deeply saddened that this 12-year-old girl had to suffer through this horrific crime,” Waukesha Police Chief Russell Jack told the station. “One suspect held the victim down while the other suspect stabbed her 19 times in the arms, legs and torso. Many of the stab wounds struck major organs. But, incredibly and thankfully, the victim survived this brutal assault.”

Doctors reported the victim was lucky to be alive, according to a criminal complaint.

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  • Li'l Tommy

    I think the use of the word “friend” in the headline is a bit of a stretch.

    That being said; what the hell is wrong with these kids. Really? All my kids have “pushed boundaries,” but to plan and execute a murder attempt? At 12? The only thing my kids ever planned to kill was dessert on Sunday evenings after supper!

    I’m wondering if maybe we should mandate required parenting classes in the high school lesson plan with a required refresher course before you receive any medical care once you’ve found out you’re pregnant! I mean, it’s either that or mandating required birth control laws where you can’t be removed from the program until you take…and pass…a psychology test!

    Sheesh, people! If you’re not going to take the time and put forth the effort to raise a child with some sort of values, especially where it concerns human life, why are you having babies in the first place?

    • Suzanne

      I agree about the “friend” description. I feel bad for the girl. No one ever deserves that. I’m sure those girl’s parents are so proud of their daughters!! Wow! What do you say after that??? They should be charged as adults. Time for consequences that fit the crime. I’m sure the “slap on the wrist” didn’t work in the past.

  • Bob

    If Wisconsin can charge two 12-year-olds as adults then we should consider harging the 14-year old who stole a car and threatened children in a park as an adult as well.

    • Dennis Draper

      No, he should not be. That 14 year old made a HUGE mistake by stealing the car and going on a ridiculous joy ride. His intentions, however; was never to hurt anyone. He is only 14 and when the chase started, he was frightened even more. No excuse for his actions, and thank the good Lord nobody was hurt. That being said, luckily nobody was hurt and that child does not deserve to be punished as an adult for a childish crime! Hopefully this is the life lesson he needs to turn his life around, as I know stealing my parents car was my turn around. You may not have ever made a mistake such as this, so you may not be able to understand all sides of a story. Think back to when you were 14, you did something.. do you want to be reprimanded for the rest of your life.? No. So be a little more understanding and have some faith that people will make a change. Especially at 14.. he still has to finish puberty for God’s sake!

      • Bob

        No, Dennis, this juvenile didn’t make a mistake. He committed a crime. And again no, you don’t have to lose any sleep over it. Little Johnny will get his wrist slapped, somebody else will pay for the damage he caused, and Karma will wait a little longer before it gets him.

      • Bob

        Google “Cooper Van Huizen”, and come back after your a little bit more enlightened. I may not be that smart, but at least I’m not a 16 year old teenage looking at 1 to 15 at Point of The Mountain.

      • nonmormon

        Dennis don’t bothering trying to talk to bob, he has serious self esteem issues and I think he was raised by the same parents as these girls. SATAN……

      • Bob

        A 16-year old boy just killed his friend with a stolen gun NONMORMON. Yes, he made a HUGE mistake by stealing the gun but his intentions, however; was never to hurt anyone. He is only 16, is frightened, and still has to finish puberty. Ok, NONMORMON, I’ll buy into your argument. No need to expect him to pay for this negligent homicide.

  • Natasha S.

    Why in the world did the writer refer to the victim as a “friend”? This is terriable, 12 year old kids viciously stabbing another…terriable.

  • Marie

    Just goes to show how well children are brought up these days, texting from a bedroom to a parent in another room, not being monitored as to what they watch or what they do, where is the old fashioned get up and talk to your child or parent, sit with them from time to time to see what shows they watch, since they have been influenced by such a terrible show or game, it was not a one time thing, so looks like communication lacks. Back in the day a parent cared, now aways a parent is a friend not a parent. really !! These girls new what they were doing , just sad that the other young lady paid for their sins. Karam in prison will be a life time reminder.

  • James

    To me, the most difficult part of this is the duration of planning the attack and what the girls talked about during this time. When two young girls can plan something so vicious and brutal over an extended period of time and no one suspects anything… that gives me the chills.

  • Joy

    It was the knifes fault. We should ban all knives in America. For real though, these girls are
    insanely evil!

  • None

    They planned to commit a murder, adult charges sound good to me. As for the bozo who said that the kid who stole the vehicle who is 14, should he be tried as an adult no. Did he have an intent of murdering someone? No. He intended to take the car out for a “joyride”.
    Planned Murder vs Joyride hmmm… yeah planned murder should be an adult sentence. Joyride by a kid should be held as a fine and proper counseling as to why he shouldn’t drive til he’s 16 (if he’ll be able to).

    • Bob

      They just sentenced a Utah 16-year old, Cooper Van Huizen, to 1 to 15 years at Point of the Mountain. He’s being held in a secure area of death row for his protection. He didn’t commit a murder. He only planned on an armed robbery.
      Of course you knew that ….. right NONE?

      • Courtney

        Yes, Bob. The kid you are harping about brought the guns to the robbery. He planned to break into someone’s house and threaten the family with guns. If the gun had gone off accidentally, would you then be okay with his punishment? Would it then bring peace to your mind?
        The 14 year old joyride I haven’t read to comment. But I will say that he should not be allowed to get his license until he is 18 or 21.

      • Bob

        The 16 year old boy that shot and killed his friend with a stolen pistol last night in Cottonwood Heights didn’t mean to kill him. Just a coupl of boys having some innocent fun. Right NONMORMON?

  • Trish Ramirez

    Some people are just born evil.

    And these are the kinds of arguments that get started when you live in a society that has decided that we need law enforcement involvement in every situation, that we need to make laws about everything and a nanny state to keep people in line and that each law is as important and valid and the next and that stealing a car is the same as stabbing a classmate.

    Back when I was growing up, if you stole your parents car to joyride you got your behind kicked and grounded a year and you didn’t dream of doing it again. You didn’t get thrown in prison. And you generally had your little brother and sister sitting in the seat next to you laughing while you were driving down the road, and the rest of the kids in the neighborhood standing by laughing. Driving through the park with a smile on your face and no intent to hurt someone would have been laughed at as kids being dumb kids rather than being seen as a felon in the making. Life would have gone on, without the intervention of the police state.

    Most of the people who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s would tell similar stories – of doing stupid stuff, getting in trouble and moving on with their lives.

    Being increasingly dominated by the government and petty legislation hasn’t made anyone safer or anyone’s life better – if you believe it has, just look back on your childhood and teenage years and look at what our kids are dealing with.

    These girls did a horrible, evil thing. You can’t blame their behavior on society or the internet or something they read. Whatever triggered their crime was something organic in their own brains – millions of kids see and read scary fantasy stuff and don’t try to slash up their classmates. Evil has to start somewhere, and it’s generally in the mind of a child. Our most notorious know killers didn’t wake up as adults as monsters – they were that way from the start, and it’s been repeatedly demonstrated to be the case.

    Lock these girls up and throw away the key, because they will be a threat to those around them for the rest of their natural lives. They posses the inclination to follow through with this kind of evil behavior, and that will never go away.

    Comparing them to a kid who went for a joyride is absolutely ludicrous. A desire to break an arbitrary law with no intent to cause bodily harm and a willingness to brutally murder someone for your own personal exultation are two very different things.

    It’s not a black and white world. Breaking one law is not the same as ANY law.

  • jewlzzz

    BOB! The all knowing proffessor know it all from helllllllll.
    God spare us your “wisdom and wit” some of us have a gag relflex issues when reading your comments……

    • Bob

      No JEWLZZZ, God spare us from car thieves who put the lives of innocent little children at risk, and God spare us from adults who want to excuse the actions of those car thieves.

  • ali

    Those girls are charged as adults because they planned to murder this girl couple months ago they were thinking like adults when theydid it. I know the punishment is very drastic but it is necessary to educate our children aboutthe good and bad and this is not the best way but they will learn

  • Amber

    What these girls planned is wrong and should be tried as an adult! The boy Alex that stole his grandpa’s car barely missed hitting my family (a child) at that park. It was my family that recorded the chase and stopped it from going on for another hour. Get your facts straight!

  • Not you

    The punishment should fit the crime, intent is VERY important. Lets not forget there was mental illness in this case. Interesting that one of the states with the biggest problem with mental health is Utah and how sad that the mental health care in Utah is lacking, but then again it is not only Utah, look at the many crimes comited by mentally ill people in this country. The problem is not only a moral one. It is time to wake up!

    • Bob

      Mental illness in the case NOT YOU? Was it the girl who held the victim down that was mentally ill or was it the girl who was doing the stabbing? Perhaps 15 or 20 years of counselling while they are behind bars may cure their “illness”.

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