Video: Car fleeing from police goes through park, nearly hits children

SYRACUSE, Utah -- Police were involved in a pursuit of a car Saturday, and dramatic video from a FOX 13 News viewer shows the car speeding across the grass of Founders Park as children frantically move out of the way.

The chase ended around 6:12 p.m. at 1500 S. Banbury Drive in Syracuse, and police officials said a minor had taken the vehicle without permission and officers sought the vehicle on a breach of trust.

The 14-year-old male driving the car is from Sunset and had taken the vehicle from his grandfather in Duchesne County, and the grandfather reported the car stolen, according to a press release from the Syracuse Police Department. Police put out an attempt to locate, and police responded after a tipster spotted the car in Syracuse. The tipster heard the attempt to locate while using a police scanner app on a smart phone.

Syracuse Police Department officials responded to the call, and video footage of the chase is available above. A photo from the scene shows the same car that tore through the park collided with a pickup truck. A second photo shows the damage to both vehicles, see the gallery below.  Another video, courtesy of Bryson and Brandy Rowley, shows the moment of impact:

Bryson Rowley was driving the truck, and he said he intentionally used his truck as a ram rod to stop the fleeing vehicle. Rowley provided the pictures and videos in this story, and he said he acted to end the chase because he was afraid for the safety of his and other children at the park.

“The person driving the truck could see it was turning back into the park, and he did not want the car to hit all of the children, or any of the children, and he actually pulled his truck in the way so the car collided with the truck,” said Officer Erin Behm with the Syracuse Police Department.

Brandy Rowley, Bryson's wife, spoke about the incident.

“My heart dropped," she said. "I honestly thought one of those kids is going to die."

In the days that followed the incident, many people hailed Rowley as a hero and several people offered to repair his truck for free. He spoke with FOX 13 News about the support he's received and about his decision to intervene in the chase, click here for that interview.

Officials said the teen was taken to a nearby juvenile detention center.


  • Anonymous

    Grats to the truck owner/operator for putting a cease to this chase! I hope he doesn’t face any charges as he may have very well saved lives with what he did!

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  • Bob

    The teenager was placed in a juvenile detention center. Hopefully they will keep him there long enough to get his attention.

  • MJ Brewer

    Due to this fourteen-year-old’s intent to re-enter the park a second time, aware of the children playing there, some SEVERE consequences need to be pursued. Thank God the guy in the truck was there and fast thinking. Not many parents would have thought to perform such a feat, especially with the tools to intercept with a positive ending.

  • Marvin Rice

    Who cares what brand truck he used and driving he saved the kids or anyone else that got in front of his car that’s what matters. I just hope the Police don’t try to charge the driver of the truck with any stupid charges for stepping in and using his truck to stop the car.

    Thanks for stepping in we need more people that will step in and help other out.

  • Ang

    Good point, but he was protecting children from another child driving a stolen vehicle. How much experience driving does a 14 year old have? He was acting to stop him before he killed anyone. I think he made the right move and thank goodness no one was hurt.

  • Tostada

    This website is pissing me off, I reply to someone and it just posts it in the main feed. Tostada out.

  • Vern

    There are clauses in your insurance that states, if damage was caused while committing illegal activity they will not cover your damages.

  • gkeaton

    The grandfather reported it stolen. So no, the driver of the truck won’t be held responsible, the person who stole it will be. In this case that badass kid would be.

  • gkeaton

    No, the truck was lifted so no it wouldn’t have flipped. If you watch the YouTube video, the truck rolled over the car bc he was so much higher than the car.

  • Reality

    Agreed. Not a big fan of his wife or whoever that was making sure she got good footage on her phone instead of running to get the kids out of the way.

  • Bear

    The driver of the truck was a victim. The 14yo who was driving illegally and almost ran over innocent children ran a stop sign and hit the truck. The truck was making a legal left turn.

  • Evan

    The current GDL law in South Dakota includes the following components: A three-stage licensing system beginning at age 14 for learner’s permit, age 14 years and 6 months for the intermediate stage (age 14 years and 3 months for teens who complete driver education), and age 16 for full licensure.

    That’s insane… but who lives in SD… no one so let the 14yr olds drive … why not?

  • Looper

    You’re nitpicking a good act. I don’t know why. The kid was in more danger flying around the neighborhood.

  • Connor

    Well Carlos, what if he hadn’t had stopped him? You saw that he almost hit a group of kids, so if he hadn’t had done something, then who knows what else was going to happen. It’s not his responsibility, but at least he took action. And we could do the “what-if” game, but in the end, what happened was he was stopped, the kid didn’t die, and no one was harmed because of the 15 year old’s actions.

  • Josh

    So was the driver a buddy of yours, Carlos? That crazy driver who almost mowed down kids in a park deserved whatever injury he got. I wouldn’t have blamed somebody for using deadly force against him seeing as he put all of those kids lives in danger.

  • David Roberts

    So what you are saying is his actions weren’t justified because this 14 year old had not hit any kids yet? In the article it specifically says that the car had gone through the park once and was turning back into the park. You sir are a shitbrick. If it was your kids in danger you would be singing a whole different tune.

  • Ron

    clearly sir you did not see the RAW footage of the car driving through the park and past the line of kids on either side. also you did not read the article because the chase was heading back in the direction of the park. Personally I call this man not only a true hero but a true father willing to risk all for his kids and other innocent kids. I strongly advise that you do some reading and reasoning before posting such a troll comment on the boards.

  • stfu

    NO, he did do the right thing! I’m sure if it was your kids you would’ve thought the same thing. The kid would’ve most likely wrecked regardless with the way he was driving. He’s lucky that truck hit him before something worse happened.

  • Dude

    You do realize while you are trying to say people are racist towards blacks or mexicans, you’re also being racist right? After all “white kids get away with anything.” Get the hell out of here guy. You’re contradicting yourself.

  • Bruce

    What would you like that mom to do? From the video all the kids were clearly to far away for her to reach them by the time the car was next to them. The best she could have done is get there after the car had already gone by.

  • ThyCallMeBlank

    That IS a Dodge! That’s a 2006 DODGE RAM! Ram Trucks aren’t a separate brand! They don’t say Dodge when people know what a Ram is! Look at a 2015 Dealership tag on it. It WILL say DODGE Ram. Not Ram Trucks. Get your facts straight Sprayman.

  • WookieSolo

    If Ford make such crappy cars then how come the truck is unscathed by the collision. that truck is built to last

  • Mauriah

    As long as we are talking about the what if’s. Here’s some for you.
    What if he killed a child? What if it was your child who was killed? What if it was YOU who was killed?
    The fact of the matter is no one was hurt and what if’s are just that. The FACT is, the truck driver’s actions prevented any injuries to INNOCENT people. While I don’t condone any person being hurt, had the teen been injured he brought it upon himself. He had countless chances to end the chase on his own and didn’t. So someone did it for him. I commend the drivers actions as it saved numerous lives! Goes to show there are still selfless people in the world!

  • Erin

    did you even watch the very first video? a good group of kids had to move out of the way and he almost nailed a person on a bicycle. The raw footage video at the very top is the one I’m referring to!

  • Mike

    IF I were his insurance agency I definitely would not raise his rate for such an unselfish act. In fact, the teen (or his parents) should be held liable for any damages and the driver of the truck should be given some token of appreciation from the police department and/ or city. I must say even without a truck like that o.O that I would have done exactly the same thing to stop that (insert random negative adjective) teen. I feel that when this teen is of age to legally obtain a drivers license that he should be forbidden to obtain it, EVER. Again, Kudos to you sir for such an unselfish act putting your life and property in harms way to defend those children.

  • Mike Collins

    Nah… he should be under close, compassionate watch for a few years. Why does a 14 year old steal a car and do this? Was it just for fun, and did the kid not know he’d be endangering those kid’s lives at the park? Or was he driving with the specific intent to harm other people?

    When I was 14 years old I knew a ton of 14 year olds. And we all did stupid stuff, but not nearly as stupid as this. So the kid’s an outlier… why? We should figure that out and address it. 14 isn’t too young to change. Instead of giving this kid some obscene punishment that will affect his entire life, let’s diagnose the actual PROBLEM, work on correcting that, and check on his behavior.

    If he’s crazy, then yes, let’s make sure he can’t drive. But if he’s had a rough upbringing, or some other issue, let’s see if we can fix that, and get a normally-functioning human being out of this mess.

  • xstarscreamx94

    1. He was driving a truck. He aint gonna get hurt!
    2. Uts a truck…that plastic rc car aint gonna do shit other than leave a couple scratches.
    3. Insurance will fix it

  • Shirley Maples

    I agree I think everyone should give to this man , I don’t live there but still I feel all children are our children ! This guy is a hero , if that car had got back into that area he might have hit several of the kids ! Great job sir!

  • Dakota

    There is actually a Facebook page of a custom diesel company that is giving him an upgraded high end bumper and led light kit for his help in stopping this wannabe punk

  • Turner

    Unfortunately insurance probably won’t fix it….there’s an exclusion for “intentional acts”. Hopefully they make an exception in this case!

  • brenden

    didnt know everyone has extra money to donate, hell, im barely gonna make rent this month, dont know what im gonna do next month, a donation would actually be needed here. just sayin’ -brenden

  • ed

    Maybe you should start by canceling your internet or your cell phone coverage unless replying to post on websites is more important to you than having a roof over your head. People who have the money to have devices and pay for services to use the internet then complain that they have no money is getting old. just sayin’ ed

  • Rachel

    She wasn’t saying literally EVERYONE. No one feels sorry for you. How about you get off the internet and go get a decent paying job. Or a cheaper place. No one is going to give you donations for being lazy. As the other guy said, discontinue your phone and internet service, and probably your cable. Dumbass…

  • Stephan

    Just because it wasn’t visible, doesn’t mean there isn’t damage to the frame or anything, odds are there is a bit of damage to the truck as well.

  • DudeNo

    Classic mechanics? Lol, I’m sorry but I got a good laugh out of that one. Anyway, you’re wrong. The impact point of either vehicle felt the same force, but not the persons inside. The driver of the truck felt a much lighter impact as it was traveling at a much slower momentum before coming to a stop.

  • kelsey

    What the hell… don’t go video games for this shit tell me did the guy get out and start shooting at cop to then steel someone car and get away

  • E$$$

    They specifically said they stopped pursuit because they didn’t want to put the kids in anymore danger. There is no way they would have known where this boy was headed. That’s when the man in the truck took matters into his own hands and stopped the 14 year old. It’s easy to get overly emotional with these things, but sometimes, we just need to take a step back and actually pay attention to the whole picture.

  • Aurora

    I’m going to blame the 14 year old who 1) stole the car and 2) drove it through a park where kids were playing once and then tried to do it again.
    Why would I blame the cops? They weren’t the ones driving through a bunch of children, that is what the 14 year old chose to do.
    People like you with your ‘don’t blame the kids for their own actions’ attitude are why kids are unbearable now a days. They aren’t ever responsible for their own actions.

  • Derek

    How dare the police try and stop this inexperienced child, from recklessly operating that potentially deadly vehicle at a high rate of speed, on his little trip to the park! This inexperienced 14 year old child could have easily injured others while out on his little joy ride. And yes, you can blame the 14 year old, I’m pretty sure the kid knew he should not have been driving the car…let alone through a freaking park at a high rate of speed. From what I see in the video, when he passes through the park at Mach 1, no police cars follow through at the same speed. Once he returns to the area they are obviously going to try and stop him before he endangers other lives. If the kid would have returned in the video, and would have ran over one of those kids in the park, I’m pretty sure you would be flipping out that the police just sat there and watched him do it and did nothing. You are exactly what is wrong with society today, please do not reproduce.

  • Shannon

    Wow Trish you are a special kind of stupid!!!! This poor helpless 14 year old could have killed people.You can blame the cops but it all comesdown to people like you who tell your kids not to worry cause you can always blame your actions on someone else!!! Bet your the freak who would have been all up in arms if it was your kid that almost got ran over throwing a fit if the cops DIDNT follow.Stop blaming cops and start blaming the kid that almost killed other people.

  • R. T. Myers, Jr. M.D. Ph.D.

    I also have the same kind of a Ram truck, Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel Dually and I would rather pay more for gas than to drive a small car because its built well better than that cheap white Hyundai… and I would have done the same thing as that driver of the truck did… Kids lives are priceless and can NOT be replaced. Period.

  • Christine

    ohh my gosh. thank you so much for pointing this out. people need to realize, if we were allowed to carry concealed weapons more, people wouldnt feel so brave to act out and kill people. love it, your’re awesome!.

  • john

    I’m not sure where you’re going with this. Why does god have a place in schools? Which god should be in the schools? Zues, Thor possibly, or maybe the Christian “God”, which shall it be?

    Also why should we be putting the “fear of god” in our children, I was raised in an Atheist/Agnostic household and I’m a productive, respectful member of society. Not because my parents put the “fear of god” in me, but because they taught me right from wrong, and how to be respectful to other people.

    It aggravates me when people claim that they do good things because god wants them to. Why can’t you just do good things because you want to be a nice person? Why must we be always be trying to impress “the big guy”? When a surgeon does his job, why does everyone thank God? Why don’t you just thank the surgeon who has trained for many years and knows how to do his job properly?

    Sorry about the rant, this isn’t a personal attack (I don’t know who you are), but rather a pseudo-venting about how many people believe what’s wrong with our youth is the lack of religion/god in our schools.


  • Emmai

    Hey, that’s not funny. That’s offensive. Don’t talk about a religion that you don’t know much about.

  • Emmai

    There was an incident where a kid, and I mean kid, took his mom or grandma’s car out for a drive. He even told the police, after being caught, that he learned to drive from GTA.

  • Brianna

    EMMAI&WATCHDOC, I am not sure where you heard this or how you can believe it’s true, but that kid first of all should not be playing GTA, but if he is then that is purely bad parenting and has nothing to do with them selling the game – Since I highly doubt that he walked into a store and bought it himself as a child. Now, secondly, if you’ve ever even played GTA – which I doubt you have judging based on your comment, you would know that; depending on the console system, the remote’s functions is not at all similar to a car’s functions. You can not pick up a PS3 or Xbox remote and after a few rides around the block, suddenly know how to drive a real life normal car. That comment doesn’t even make sense. Otherwise, you’re telling me that I could pick up my PS3 remote and turn on my GTA, play it for a while, then get into my mother’s car (I am 15, and yes I know the difference between fiction and non-fiction) and be able to drive, since GTA taught me? NO! The only reason I would possibly be able to drive it, is because I’ve learned which parts are for what and how to move/start a car from actually being in a REAL LIFE car and watching my parents do it. I am tired of people saying/inferring that games such as GTA and games like those have an effect on kids/teens, and cause them to rebel, because long before there were video games kids still rebelled. I am fifteen and I play those video games all the time, do I still rebel minorly against my parents? Yes. Do I take my parents car, drive it around the city and almost hit people, then proceed to take out a stolen gun and start shooting at the cops? NO. I know there are people that do this, hence the article, but the reasons they do this are not because of video games, it is most likely that they are not right in the head, or have some other major issues. Sorry for my long paragraph, it just really irks me when people say these things.

  • Suzanne

    So, you would rather have seen him let the reckless driver go through the group of kids a second time? And you think he stopped the guy about to endanger his own children because of his ego? Oh, honey. He wasn’t trying to establish dominance, he was trying to prevent the deaths that could have happened had the teen gone back through the park. Also, he basically blocked the access route and the kid ran into him.

    This just goes to show that no matter what you do, you’ll never please everyone.

  • John

    @EMMAI This website’s threading is not working properly, so I’m going to assume you’re replying to me.
    I’m not intentionally trying to offend anyone. (Why is it that religious people are so easily offended?) Why doesn’t anyone try to explain why the “fear of god” is better than proper parenting?


  • Emmai

    I don’t think it’s fake. I mean, if it was, then they’re willing to risk the lives of many kids and their car, and cars are not cheap.

  • C-DUB

    This was close enough to my house to know for a fact that it was NOT a setup. You probably think school shootings are fake too…

  • Jerry

    Its so easy to whip out a phone camera 2-5 seconds and start recording you think too much about it

  • Cnpalmer

    Haha a diesal does not take gas??? A diesal truck uses Diesal GASOLINE. What do you think it runs on, air?

  • Joni

    Really, Cpl? What made you think that your rank and prior military service have anything at all to do with the content of this story?

    While I don’t necessarily agree with the person who began this thread, your comment is so filled with ignorance and poor assumptions along with a superfluous statement of military service as though it somehow validates your asinine thoughts, I had to say something.

    The fact of the matter is that you’RE clearly the idiot. You make an outrageous assumption that the other person drives a Prius, and have the ignorance to say that your diesel truck is “probably better for the environment then” [sic] said Prius. Let’s take a moment to state that this person was clearly talking about “petroleum based fuel,” but you decided it would be best to argue semantics. If that’s the route you’re going to take, you should consider making sure that your reply makes sense grammatically.

    To make an assumption that “people who own trucks like this are extremely responsible ,” furthur exemplifies your ignorance. I have seen plenty of irresponsible people driving overly large trucks. In fact, it’s a common stereotype that men with large trucks are compensating, and we both know for what. That doesn’t shout “responsible” to me.

    To argue that the truck takes up the same amount of space on the road is laughable because it’s so unfounded in truth. If you can’t tell which vehicle has a greater volume, you should consider going back through elementary school. Just because lanes are at a fixed width does not mean that the vehicles on it take the same amount of space. By that logic, one motorcycle and one semi pulling two trailers also takes up the same amount of space.

    You may have a passion for your vehicle, and I ask you what it does for the greater good of mankind. If you feel that you’re somehow superior to a person who has a love for trees which, by the way, are essential to human life as we know it and are themselves alive, then I ask you what that says about your own priorities and your character. You bring disgrace upon the military and I am ashamed for you.

  • Timmy d

    You guys might want to check you facts before you rip someone’s comment. Diesel is not gasoline. Hence you can’t put diesel FUEL into a gasoline engine and vice versa. They are two different forms of fuel. And yes diesel fuel engines generally get better mpgs then gasoline engines. Diesels also produce less gas emissions than gasoline engines. Isn’t learning fun? Also good for the truck driver… Wish there was more people like him in the world. Willing to sacrafice his own for others.

  • Kevin

    Are you serious? Saying that this is an advertisement for the car is the most idiotic assumption you could possibly make. The woman wasn’t just coincidentally filming when the car showed up, you could clearly see there had already been plenty of commotion about the car and the sirens, and the kids were moving out of the current path of the car, not playing. I mean it’s not like there’s an evacuation plan for emergencies involving erratic, unpredictable drivers flying through the park in different directions. And that particular veloster is not even from 2014! There’s no logical reason to make such a morbid, potentially controversial “advertisement” of a car that has already been released and marketed. You calling these people out for believing a perfectly logicical news story is ridiculous, you’re just another paranoid conspiracy theorist. What’s next, are you gonna tell me the holocaust was fabricated?

  • jay jay

    no don’t start anything! a car repair is fixing it for free already. don’t be stupid and waste good money on something so minute. the truck was hardly scratched in the first place

  • m richards

    actually, the owner of the stolen car should be getting donations more than anyone. his/her white car is totaled thanks to some punk loser kid stealing it and putting it through that chase.

  • Tim

    Agreed , the police probably didn’t think he was gonna run through the park to begin with . And if the car was reported STOLEN they don’t know who’s driving it , so how are they going to apprehend anybody If they just let him go. You people really don’t think. Good on the Truck driver for ending the chase.

  • Sam

    And then a good lawyer would argue that they didn’t have have proof he was actually the driver. The problem with not chasing the car is that even if you have all the information from the car, even someone who says they know who took it, arresting the driver later leaves a huge opening for a lawyer to claim that they stole the car, but gave it someone else to drive for a while. It’s enough to create reasonable doubt in the minds of a lot of jurors, even possibly a judge (as would be the case if he’s tried in juvenile court.)

  • Viral

    Of course! Everyone who steals cars is very careful with the property they have taken. And kindly returns it in the same or better condition! Most even top off the tank. The grandfather thought the best course of action is to wait until he got home as well obviously. That is why he called the police right? The teenager was obviously not a danger to himself or others, so just let him have his joy ride. In fact, good sir let us all give this young man the keys to our cars, or give him our wallets, he is the trustworthy type.
    By the way, what brand of unicorns do you use in your morning cup of rainbow invincibility? I simply must know.

  • redc1c4

    well, since you have to be an idiot in order to be a liberal, Cameron, i’d say your point was invalid.

    kudos to the truck driver.

  • Micah

    So basically what your saying here is the driver of the car had every right to be speeding through the park endangering the lives of all the children there and the one guy that was brave enough to stop the chase and potentially save all those lives should be charged and sued. YOU are a fricken idiot!! Plain and simple! Your just one of those stupid money hungry hippies!

  • Viral

    I assume you have a better idea on how to stop the teenager driving in the park trying use the children in danger to get out of trouble? Or are you one of those people who sees people in danger and just watches for entertainment value?
    The 14 year old is not stupid, he understood the police would not put the children in danger by pursuing in the park.
    If you are going say something like this and don’t want to be belittled, come up with a logical and practical solution that is different. One that works in the real world.

  • Jen

    Obviously that 17 year old has a lot more brains than some of the ‘adults’ that have commented on this page. We shouldn’t be demeaning our youth for actually being involved in today’s issues and actually having an educated opinion, we should be embracing it, and encouraging it, even if it’s not necessarily a similar one to yours. They are the ones that will be running things while the current ‘adults’ in today’s society are too busy finding their teeth and counting pills. I’m happy to see a teenager having views on current events vs ignoring the real world and being absorbed in mindless video games!

  • Jen

    Oh and by the way, it’s spelled “you’re 17”. ‘Your’ shows possession, while ‘you’re’ is a contraction for ‘you are’.

    Way to go, ‘adult’.

  • Eli

    Brooks, the boy is 14 years old he is old enough to tell right from wrong and I know for a fact he knew what he was doing so why blame anybody else for the boys just doesn’t make sense.

  • Scott Smith

    It’s also their fault that they weren’t at his school and doing a presentation for him about how dangerous it would be for him to do something so irresponsible such as this. They could have also have done one of those scared straight routines on him where they actually take him off to jail and he spends a night or two in the clinker seeing how the accommodations are so that maybe they will go another way in their decision making. It was the cops fault, no doubt about it. Poor child. I hope in his spare time he is able to go to the jail to visit the fired cops who will be serving time no doubt. Good luck to all involved. (sarcasm highly involved)

  • Viral

    Eli, Brooks post was sarcastic to a epic degree. =D
    We agree with you. The 14 year old should be held fully accountable.

  • Viral

    You really think the cops forced him to go into the park and not pulling over? Where can I buy one of these mystical control devices?

  • Cheri

    Steve, before going around calling ignorant people who CHOOSE to say ridiculous things “retarded” why don’t you educate yourself on the struggles of someone who is actually diagnosed as “retarded”. c’mon now, you’ve got to have a better vocabulary than that.

  • Dylan

    Cheri, as a mother of a mentally handicapped child I can tell you that no one is diagnosed as “retarded”. Perhaps it is YOU that needs to be educated. I personally, found your comment more offensive.

  • David

    Dylan, I believe “retarded” folks are those who have the capacity to be much brighter, much more effective but, instead, sit on the mental laurels and refuse to learn. The bulk of society is retarded, yet I know a lot of mentally handicapped folks who deserve admiration.

  • Tim Richards

    I honestly can’t believe that people would actually think they weren’t trying to stop the guy. Who in their right mind would think that they would follow him into the park. Let alone try to pit, or box in the car in a crowded area.

  • Dieseltrucks

    First off diesel trucks which that dodge was is used for also pulling trailers and moving equipment from one drive site to the other therefore it’s not all about the off-roading

  • saon

    if you think Public Safety is the number one priority of the police And government you’re as oblivious as a sheep being led to slaughter

  • H.

    I don’t know if I’m the worst person in the world. You’ll have to debate that with my seven children who think I’m their hero.

  • Scott

    Kevin, Are YOU a cop?? do YOU have a badge??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!!! Looks like YOU need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  • Adam

    Scott, Are YOU a cop?? do YOU have a badge??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!!! Looks like YOU need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  • Bobby Nathan

    Adam, Are YOU a cop?? do YOU have a badge??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!!! Looks like YOU need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  • Kyle

    Bobby, Are YOU a cop?? do YOU have a badge??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!!! Looks like YOU need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  • Llama

    Kyle, Are YOU a cop?? do YOU have a badge??? Yeah, I didn’t think so!!! Looks like YOU need to keep your mouth shut!!!

  • Bob

    Over population, Brenden, is a mother on welfare with 7 children, none of which have the faintest idea who their father is. The number of children a good decent mother has is absolutely none of my business … or yours.

  • sprayman

    micah, dodge diesels do not get the best mileage of all trucks, my 98 crew dually gmc gets better, i get almost 30mpg, gm made the 6.5 diesel for fuel mileage and light towing, a dodge will out pull me any day but not get my mileage

  • Michelle.

    Right, But if it Killed the kid it would be okay, that is exactly what you’re saying. Okay, he swerved out of the way not to hit the kids. He was watching what he was doing. And no, his injury’s were NOT brought upon himself. Like I said, he swerved. What if that was your kid driving the car and the guy hit him, and killed him. I see your point in which there are selfless people in the world.

  • Bob

    Grow up Michelle. Decent society is tired of coddling teenagers who put the lives of innocent children in a park at risk. You can play “what if” all day but we aren’t buying it. What if the teenager in the stolen car had hit and killed a child?

  • Bob

    Time to stop making excuses for teenagers who break the law Michelle. Today one boy lays in the morgue and two others are in juvenile detention because they were just being boys, and just doing what boys do. What this little car thief did was criminal and he deserves more than just a good scolding and a slap on the wrist.

  • Annie

    Parents are afraid of disciplining their kids, because no matter how benign the discipline is, someone considers it child abuse. Then the parents are reported, they face fines and jail, and getting their whole family ripped apart. Children know this. I saw a kid the other day threaten his mom that he’d call CPS and accuse her of abusing him because she refused to get him a video game at Wal Mart. She looked at him in shock. You could see the tears in her eyes where she felt powerless and betrayed. She didn’t give in. I don’t know what happened after that.

  • Jax

    Happens all the time ANNIE. You are not wrong. I have a friend that works for DSS and it is a common thing that occurs.

  • Mark Green


    We emailed the account tied to that YouTube video and received a response from Hayden Manning that included the raw video file, which is what we embedded. We specifically asked who to courtesy and were told in the email, quote: “Yes you guys can i use the video! All video credit goes to Bryson Rowley and Brandy Rowley!”

    If you would like us to credit the video differently, please reply to the original email we sent and we can update that courtesy.

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