President: Republicans ‘were wrong’ about Obamacare

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  • republican h8er

    stop oppressing me you stupid republicans., I want the same benefits that you have cause I work just as hard. I’m tired of the govt. giving bailouts to the rich and not doing anything for the poor. Obama is saving this country. I just hope we don’t get another whacked out republican in office after Obama and tear it all down. Republicans say they love this country- only if your rich and white.

    • Bob

      If your looking for other people to support you vote for the Democrats. If welfare assistance is your game vote for the Democrats.

      If you really want to work to support your family, and expect every other able bodied man to do the same thing vote for the Repulicans. They believe in personal responsiblity.

  • Ted

    Amazing. 8 million people out of 330 million americans have signed up. that is 2.4% in statistical terms, nobody HAS signed up Mr. President? What do you define as working? and how many millions LOST their insurance due to Obamacare? how many of those 2.4% are getting a partial or free ride at my expense? (about 80 percent of them)

  • Bob

    The Democrats should name one thing the Federal Government has ever run as efficiently as the private sector. And no, our retreat in Viet Nam doesn’t count.

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