Woman hit by side mirror of car on I-215, officials say

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MURRAY, Utah --A woman was hit by the side mirror of a vehicle on Interstate 215 westbound Monday night, according Utah Highway Patrol officials.

The accident occurred in the area of 1600 West near Murray.

Officers said a woman wearing dark clothing was hit by the side mirror as an SUV swerved to miss her. A van and another car tried to get out of the way, but ended up hitting each other. The van was significantly damaged.

Police said they don't know why the woman was on the freeway. They said she sustained minor to critical injuries.

No other injuries were reported. The accident is still under investigation.



  • Lien tran

    I have videos of this accident I’m wondering how I can upload it on here but it was very sad I am really sorry for the lady and hope that she makes it along with the cars the was hit

    • misael

      Can you post the video on YouTube or another site? I was in the white car that hit the lady and got hit by other cars.

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