Lawmakers look into combining Millcreek with other areas

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Lawmakers are looking into a plan Thursday that would combine Millcreek and other unincorporated areas of Salt Lake City into one city.

Before the meeting, there were a lot of concerns from a group of Millcreek residents who started the process of Millcreek becoming its own city. They've gathered thousands of signatures in an effort to put it on the November ballot.

Those residents faced a roadblock with Senate Bill 216. Under the bill, Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams would put a freeze on existing boundaries of unincorporated parts of Salt Lake County. It would also invalidate all the signatures gathered in support of making Millcreek a city. In the meantime, McAdams would pull all the unincorporated areas and create one city.

The Senate Committee approved the bill Thursday. McAdams said he expects the bill will look drastically different before it hits the Senate floor.

FOX 13's Tamara Vaifanua covered the committee meeting. Watch her full report in the clip above.