Lawmaker discusses ‘overdose immunity’ bill

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SALT LAKE CITY -- When someone overdoses on a drug, like heroin, sometimes they don't get help--as those around them don't call 911 or seek assistance out of a fear of legal repercussions. A bill being considered by the Utah legislature would address the issue by providing immunity from certain legal repercussions to those who report overdoses.

Rep. Carol Spackman Moss, D-District 37, is sponsoring the bill, and on Friday she came to the FOX 13 News studio to discuss the legislation. See the video above for her comments.



    • Herman

      So in your eyes it’s better to have someone die from an overdose so the person giving them the drugs can be prosecuted? Now that’s a loony idea.

  • Jenifer Cornish

    This would be a wonderful bill to pass! Think about all the lives this bill alone could save! You should not hold one human being responsible for the choices another person makes. And HELLO! I think some people need to think before they speak! Whats loony is not understanding that overdoses are USUALLY accidental and/or someone purposely taking their own life. There really should be no legalities about this type of situation, addiction can lead people down dark roads, and because of your stigmatizing comment Mr. Anderson, people, as agonizing and traumatizing as it is, watch their friends or loved ones die, because they are afraid to call for help out of fear of going to jail instead of receiving treatment! So So SAD!

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