Group makes final filing of initiative for an incorporated Millcreek

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MILLCREEK, Utah – Residents in Millcreek voted against incorporating and becoming their own city in last year’s election, but the same issue will be voted on again this year.

A group called Organizers for Millcreek City gathered thousands of signatures for a petition, and on Friday they made their final filing to put the initiative on the November ballot.

Maryann Matheson Strong is a spokeswoman for the group, and she said opinions have changed since last year’s vote.

She said: “I cannot count how many people have come and talked to me and said, ‘We regret we didn’t vote yes in the last election. We didn’t realize and understand the issues.’ And, as evidenced by the petitions, now is the time to incorporate, now is the time to create their own city.”

Supporters of the proposal say incorporation will increase local control and keep tax dollars closer to home, but opponents said they fear an extra layer of government may lead to higher costs.