Tobacco age limit bill goes to full Senate

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Members of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed a bill Thursday that would raise the legal age to purchase tobacco from 19 to 21.

SB0012 was approved with a 4-1 vote, which sends it to the full Senate.

Lawmakers heard valid arguments from people who oppose and support the bill. And while there's no doubt they agree that data shows smoking can lead to serious health problems, they parted ways when it came to finding the right balance when it comes to individual liberties.

The bill's sponsor, Sen. Stuart Reid, laid out his argument before committee members with some help from health leaders. They said their goal is to reduce the chances of kids becoming addicted to tobacco products. They also argued that the state could save millions of dollars in long-term health costs.

Supporters claimed Utahns are on board with the bill, citing the results of a recent Dan Jones and Associates survey that shows 67 percent of Utah voters favor it.

If the bill goes through, Utah would be the first state in the nation to raise the legal age to buy tobacco products to 21.


    • Keegan

      Smoking is bad and all, but we don’t need another law to explain this to us. What a waist of time. Do something useful up there for g€d sake!

  • ShirlSumm (@ShirlSumm)

    Well if we’re going to do that let’s raise the age limit to join the service, let’s raise the age limit to vote and require ID. you have to show ID to purchase liqour, why not vote. what a lot of hooey.

  • Oh Bite Me

    Smoking is a bad choice,but it’s also a bad choice to take away someone’s right to smoke.Being a legal adult,it is their decision,not yours.

  • Trace

    We need to REMOVE any Politician that is not only wasting time on such a USELESS bill, it REMOVES MORE FREEDOM! Get them out!

  • Rusty Davis

    It’s time parents take control of there children and not have the lawmakers be the parent. They are just going to make criminals out of adults. Law enforcement can’t even enforce the laws they have already. Why didn’t the government do something 50 years ago when the surgeon general said tobacco could kill you. (IT WAS ABOUT THE MONEY) SO JUST BAN IT ALL TOGETHER AND MAKE IT A FAIR TAX FOR EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Common sence

    If Utah wants to make 21 as a “legal” age, lets go all the way! you need to be 21 be Baptized, join the military, get married, have children. I am all in. oh wait ….. sorry I am in Utah…. my bad. forgot I am in the 1800’s and repressed under a Puritan rule. Lets raise the age limit to 80. at what point does Utah deem us the right to be adults?

  • Eric Anderson

    People just need to let us, decide the what,where,when and with who.
    You all are not smart enough. We Will tell You What You Need To Do To Be Righteous! If not. We’ll Make Laws.

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