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Democratic lawyers want Swallow investigation reopened

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File Photo: John Swallow

SALT LAKE CITY – A group of attorneys are calling on the Justice Department to reopen a federal investigation into former Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

The Utah Democratic Lawyers Council claims there are concerns that the investigation overlooked regarding Swallow’s missing electronic data and devices.

The group also expressed concern regarding Swallow’s relationship with Assistant U.S. Attorney Brent Ward. The organization posted a statement on their Facebook page, which can be read here. 

Swallow resigned in December, a short time before the Utah House of Representatives released a report of their investigation’s findings.  


  • Michael Perry

    I would say one thing who is really being crooked the Lawyers or the politician. What is their motive? Do I believe all politicians are crooks? No. Do I believe all Lawyers are crooks? No. But I do feel these lawyers have an ulterior motive for wanting the case reopened.

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