Mother faces charges after 2-year-old dies due to overdose

TOOELE COUNTY, Utah — A toddler is dead and his mother behind bars as Tooele police are investigating after the child overdosed on methadone

Methadone is a pain reliever that can also be used to help recovering addicts through withdrawal symptoms. It’s a narcotic similar to morphine with side effects that can mimic heroine, and according to police: Three of Jill Goff’s five children tested positive for methadone in their system.

Saturday, Tooele police brought Goff in on charges of child abuse and reckless endangerment that resulted in the death of a child. The charges came after first responders were called to the Goff’s home Friday night, where they found an unresponsive 2 year old.

“We arrived along with ambulance personnel and performed some life saving measures, but unfortunately the 2 year old passed away at the scene,” said Capt. Paul Wimmer of the Tooele Police Department.

Tooele police began investigating the death of 2-year-old Aiden Goff and just a few hours later received a call from the hospital.

“They were treating an 8-year-old sibling to the 2 year old at the hospital, and there were some concerns they had,” Wimmer said.

Aiden’s sister was also brought in as a precaution and tested positive for methadone as well. Police said Goff has no prior record with them, and they believe she did not intend to kill her son. Her husband describes her as a loving mother.


  • Missy

    I understand kids getting into things accidentally. My question is why you would keep something like that in a Gatorade bottle? Kids and parents (obviously) can mistake what is in that bottle if it isn’t labeled properly. Sad story.

  • Amber

    The first thing I did after hearing about this was grab my little 2 year old and hold him tight I couldn’t imagine something like that happening to me. God bless the family. Your in my prayers.

  • Debbie

    I am sorry about this 2 year boy die and other 2 kids i,m sure will taken away from the bad mother what did to 2 year old but the mother will hang up going to prison
    the best not let all the people in world of getting upset about the happened and hear of any bullying let stop i know it frustrate it about drug to kid or baby
    2 year old will be visit with havenly father to take care of him

  • Desi

    Riley, I am sorry to hear about your little brother. I pray that you & your family find comfort, counsel, and peace. I also pray that you take what has happened and learn from it. Move forward, do not let anyone bring you down for what took place. Whatever happened or how your siblings were in harms way, you are not to blame.
    You realize she should be punished, and you know her love for you children.

  • anonymous

    Just ignore these rude comments. No one know your mom. Better yet just don’t read them buddy. You don’t need to see the ignorance of others. So sorry for your loss. Your entire family is in our prayers!#

  • Christie

    I am sorry for the loss of this poor child who didn’t deserve to die my question is why was she giving these kids Methadone to start with? I mean you may as well hand them street drugs if your gonna give them that stuff. As for the other kids I can see them defending their MOM because they love her I can only Pray about this situation.

  • Guest with a Heart

    Wow…if that is her child you are talking to, you should be ashamed. Have some tact! We don’t know the details of this incident and the police said themselves that they don’t think she meant to do it. Regardless of what happened, no child facing such a loss deserves to be talked to like that.


    How dare you talk to that child that way. You have no right to sag that to a child that is grieving!! You should be ashamed of yourself. Take a look at yourself in the mirror cause one day you will be judged.

  • Kathy

    Geez really “guest”…you’re going to say this to a child who just lost his brother? Wow….sometimes a “filter” is appropriate. Shaking head…Riley, you don’t need to be here defending your mom. You should not be concerned with what ignorant people are saying it will only hurt you. You need to ignore all of this…seriously honey. All my love to you and your family at this most difficult time. :(

  • Sarah Holder

    With all due respect, I don’t believe jumping all over a child will change anything. Do you have children? What if I contacted your child and carried on like you did.
    This child might not know any infornmation, and if the child did then they wouldn’t be telling anyone on here. Riley, as for you, you might want to keep quiet because it could cause issues with the investigation.


    For all you people out there that think you have a right to say whatever you want about this family due to “freedom of speech”; you all are heartless. This family is grieving from a loss of a child. How many times has a mother or father has Gavin some form of medicine to then. Everyone of you has. Let this family grieve in peace.

  • Guest

    I have looked in the mirror and I know that I will be judged for many things !!! Somethings that I admit I am not proud of !!! However I will never ever be judged for my kid dying from an overdose and 2 of my other kids with it in their system !!! That is because I would never allow my children in a house where any and all medications were not locked up. I will not be ashamed for saying what I said…a 2 year old is gone because of their mothers stupid pass decision. You tell me how that is fair ?? No child should be subjected to their parent/guardian’s dangerous habits/choices/mistakes…whatever it is you want to call them !!

  • Inci Pio

    You give medication to a child that was either prescribed for the child or one marked specifically for a child in that age range and you read and follow the instructions.

    If you do not – you are negligent.

  • Teresa Macceo

    We have given our children medicine, medicine prescribed for them or otc meant for children. We as adults have a responsibility to keep our medication away from our children. I do not think she meant to harm her children, but she did and she must now be accountable for her actions. Does it mean she does not love her children, NO, I am sure she loves them deeply. We all must be accountable for our poor choices.

  • Kathy

    Well guest….aren’t you just a saint for not drugging your children….so I see you put sins in “slots”, you’ve sinned but you’ve NEVER drugged your children. Well, I’m glad you can sleep at night…you should know, however that you sitting her in judgment goes against everything Jesus taught so when that day comes and you are standing before “God” for judgment… as you put it…KNOW that your unkind heart will be addressed for these VERY posts!! May God bless and forgive you.

  • Guest

    Well considering that I judge myself as does my’s all good because my family agrees with me !! As for God and Jesus do not preach to me about them…I do not believe they have ever existed !!! Now if you will excuse me I need to check, double check and triple check that my house is childhood proof before the kids get here !! Have a nice day lady who is okay with a mother letting her kid overdose and die !!

  • Linda Fisher

    You weren’t there. You have no idea what took place or how it happened. All you know is what the media is telling you, and we all know the media doesn’t ever make things seem much worse than it really is. And yes incase you don’t understand, that was sarcasm.

  • Debbie

    s t mother is sick and what she had done to thier kids im sure the mother will go to prison ………… but only one thing who ever had the family relationship of thier grandchild i rather have the department foster care check thier and make sure that none of the family werent on drug new rules now the department will check even the police too
    i, truely sorry about the 2 year old boy die GOD BLESSING HIM

    let not talk about it of over and over and over ,,it make anyone upset i agree that and dont blame them but i rather see the mother go to prison what had dont to her 2 year old boy i seen the picture i tear yes so cute

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