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Man faces charges after 3-year-old killed in crash

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A fatal car accident in Taylorsville, Jan. 25.

UPDATE: Police identified the child as Zane Thurber. They identified the suspect as 55-year-old Manuel De Jesus Guinea, who faces automobile homicide and driving under the influence charges.

TAYLORSVILLE, Utah – A 3-year-old child was killed in a five-car wreck in Taylorsville Saturday night, and several other people were injured.

Police officials said the wreck occurred in the area near 5400 South Canal St. Saturday around 8:30 p.m.

Lt. Justin Hoyal of the Unified Police Department said a truck struck a Subaru that was stopped at an intersection, and after the truck pushed the Subaru, three other vehicles became involved in the accident.

Hoyal said alcohol may have been a factor, and he said the driver of the truck allegedly attempted to hide among the crowd that gathered after the wreck and then escape. Witnesses prevented the man from escaping and police now have him in custody.

It was not immediately clear how many other people were injured or to what extent.

FOX 13 News will have more information as it becomes available.


  • Brian

    I’ve not heard a car accident happen with what sounded like a large caliber side arm. With most car accidents like this I hear from my back yard there’s usually the screeching of skidding tires. With this there was just the “boom.” It’s can be a dangerous intersection. I am one of the intersections statistics from years past. I hope for speedy recovery for those involved.

  • Howdy

    I live nearby and heard the boom too. I thought it was fireworks. So sad about the three year old. I hope everyone else is okay.

  • Oh bite me

    It takes a special kind of P.O.S. To kill someone, then try to blend i the crowd to get away. Not even try to render any help. I hope he rots in jail, then rots in hell.

  • Joey Malcolm

    It is time we get people like this off our roads permanently ! An innocent
    Child’s life cut short because of some idiots decision to drink and drive we need to get these people off the roads for good . If we can’t protect the innocent we have lost

  • Robin Cowell

    Another brown bean drunk and tries to flee after he murdered a child . Seams alot of these people are in our roads . My niece was murdered from a bean t boned her car she was a military nurse . And very very young. And to top all that he was illegal to b in US.

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