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Video: Young Utahn gives moving speech at same-sex marriage rally

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More than a thousand Utahns were at the Utah Capitol Friday to present a petition to Gov. Gary Herbert asking him to drop his appeal of a ruling that allowed for same-sex marriages in Utah.

Many people spoke at the event, but the speech from one young man in particular has captured attention online.

In this YouTube video, a young Utahn named Riley Hackford-Peer speaks about the issue and the marriage of his mothers, telling the governor that his family deserves protecting as much as any other family.


  • rich

    Typical Liberals. Trotting out innocent kids and making them read a prepare speech. Sorry. I don’t feel any different after seeing a indoctrinate child. Except.. Where do we draw the line between child abuse and teaching our young morals.

    • Mobius One

      Shouldn’t teaching kids religion be child abuse? I mean, basically it’s brain washing them from birth to ignore science, fact, logic, and reason and believe in an imaginary friend. Uh… indoctrination?

  • RyNo

    Teaching them the moral of accepting everyone? Doesn’t sound like child abuse to me. However everyday kids are abused by priest… Sounds like this is the lesser evil…

      • Mobius One

        Uh, really? Typically the church covers up for them, moves them, and defends them. And the religious right doesn’t seem to care. Yet they get upset about an adult loving another consenting adult? Where’s the logic.. Oh yeah, the religious right doesn’t use logic.

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