ACLU, Sutherland Institute react to Utah same-sex marriage halt

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SALT LAKE CITY -- Representatives from the American Civil Liberties Union of Utah and the Sutherland Institute spoke out Monday on the Supreme Court's temporary halt on same-sex marriages in Utah.

Sutherland Institute officials said the ruling is a win for a state where the majority of people are conservative, and where many feel the only legitimate unions and marriages are between a man and a woman.

Utah ACLU officials said while they are disappointed with Monday's ruling, they see it as a temporary bump in the road in their quest to have all marriages recognized by the state.


  • Mick14513

    First of all, the aclu was started by a member of the american COMMUNIST party in the late ’40s – so their opinion means nothing to me.
    Second, they obviously don’t believe in God because the Bible has nothing good to say about homosexual behaviour.
    Rot in Hades, y’all!

    • Mobios 1

      With that attitude I think there’s a better chance for you to go to Hade’s. If you’re going to believe the bible, then at at least read it cover to cover and stop cherry picking the parts you want to believe. I’m pretty sure your god does’t appriciate you judging others. That’s his job and his job only, remember?

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