Video: Power pole explosion in Cottonwood Heights

FOX 13 photographer Eric Brown sent in this video of a power pole explosion in Cottonwood Heights Thursday morning.

Crews were able to safely extinguish the fire. Power outages were affecting thousands of people across the Wasatch Front, and as of 5 p.m. Thursday, some of the outages were expected to continue overnight.


  • Tanner Bean

    Reason for fires is most likely the freezing rain last night and this morning. The rain freezes onto the pole and the high voltage wires, then shorts and arcs, causing a fire. You’d think this would happen every time it rains or snows, but I suppose it doesn’t. Sleet just gets caked on there and causes problems before it melts or evaporates off, I guess.

  • joseph w

    how about they put an umbrella over them and then no more power pole explosions. seems like common sense if thats the case.

  • BK Anderson

    I wonder if the particulates in the ice have anything to do with it. I know it’s the minerals in water that conduct electricity.

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