Burning wood on ‘mandatory action’ days could be costly

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SALT LAKE CITY -- The Utah Department of Environmental Quality's WoodBurn control program is designed to control wood smoke emission between November 1 and March 1.

On "Unrestricted Action" days, wood and coal burning stoves or fireplaces may be used.

On "Voluntary Action" days, residents are asked not to burn wood or coal, but the choice is voluntary.

On "Mandatory Action" days, wood and coal burning stoves must not be used.

Those who ignore the "Mandatory Action" forecast could be fined up to $300.

FOX 13's Todd Tanner went on a ridealong with the DEQ's Rik Ombach, who patrols neighborhoods in search of smoking chimneys. Watch the video above to see what happens.

To check the air quality forecast in your area, visit http://www.airquality.utah.gov/aqp/forecast.php

or download the "UtahAir" app on your smartphone or tablet.


  • Dominique Storni (@DominiqueStorni)

    Are the particulates really that bad? Or is the state an agent for Questar and its shareholders???

    Please discuss, and ask expert opinions from multiple sources. What was presented would be easily dismissed as hearsay in court.

    And, what is the difference between old wood stoves, and the new technology wood stoves? I’ve been told that if I have a new technology wood stove, I can still burn, because they burn so cleanly.

    This report was good, but pretty elementary, and doesn’t answer questions or educate the public. It just illustrates big-brother fear tactics.

    Please do a more in-depth follow up report.

  • Gary

    Got to be the most asinine law I’ve heard of yet. As others have asked , what if that’s their only source of heat???

  • mark

    how about closing down the drive through windows..banks and fast foods ..etc ??? why just punish those who wish to burn a fire and lower their gas bill and let those others keep doing ????

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