Video: Jazz Bear gets revenge on fan who poured beer over his head

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In this YouTube video, the Utah Jazz Bear gets revenge on a Houston Rockets fan who poured beer on the mascot’s head during a game. Stick through the whole video to see the act of revenge and the fan’s reaction.


  • Mark

    Skit or not. if i paid for an expensive crappy beer at a game i paid to see. And this mascot ruined my experience is be pissed too. Makes people who enjoy an adult beverege look like idiots.

  • MJ Brewer

    Beer’s pretty expensive at a game, so I’d probably be upset too, but I’d live. What this shows is that getting back at someone is better than forgiveness for an accident. Way to show kids the holiday spirit, Jazz Bear!

    Games like this could use the opportunity to teach kids the right way to enjoy the moment, but naw, that’s too much work. I know what my family’s NOT getting this year for Christmas–bad lessons in conduct.

  • T

    Grow up! It’s a jazz game. Hopefully you guys don’t let a jazz bear mascot teach your kids lessons In life and hopefully your a better parent then that. Pull your kids to the side and tell them it’s a basketball game. The mascot is designed to entertain people of all ages.

  • ERB

    Sooooo funny.
    Your kids should also know that if you poor a bear on someone your probably gunna get something a lot worse back.
    I find it funny and so does the rest of people with a little sense of humor.

  • Jack

    More entertaining then the Jazz currently. A very long away from the Stockton to Malone Days. This is how far the Jazz have fallen when the Mascot becomes the main feature. :(

  • Lance

    Even if it was staged, I’m sure that in the event the Jazz Bear ruins your beverage or food, ESA will gladly compensate your purchase…

  • M

    The Jazz are pathetic. They do these skits all the time. Just something to take the fans attention away from the scoreboard.

  • Tom

    The Tampa Bay Lightning mascot sprayed a Boston Bruins fan at a Jan. 17 hockey game. He got fired! I’m sure this was staged.

  • J

    Jazz fans are pathetic and the Jazz bear is the mascot for the pathetic fans. He’s just as pathetic as they are. Unsportsmanlike, just like the majority of the fans. The Jazz bear was the first one to get silly string in the guys beer so the guy reacted to that. Jazz Bear went too far.

  • DR7

    Im not a fan of Jazz or Rockets, but what that MF Bear did was not right. The police officer was waiting `till he does that and then stopped the H.R fan from beating him up. That`s not right at all.

  • Brandon

    Staged! Police officers in Utah always pack in teams. Plus if they took him out, they would have kicked him out of the building. Why did they let him go back to his seat?

  • Brandon

    Bad acting on the “supposed” Houston Rockets fan. The way he flared up his hands and all. It didn’t look natural at all. Premeditated.

  • MarkG

    The whole story would have turned out better if (after having beer dumped on his head), Bear came back and apologized. And brought a wig of Bear hair for the man’s head.

  • Jana

    Yes, we know this guy. :) It was staged. He doesn’t drink beer and is a great ethical cop. He is someone that everyone would want to know. He could be security for celebrities, but he chooses to be law enforcement at a High School. Good guy. :)

  • Dolph

    I am not sport fan but that was mess up, I would do the same thing if I was drinking a beer watching the game and some idiot spray me with silly string. The bear need to go!

  • Vr

    Not staged. If it was, that high school cop deserves an oscar. He was livid and would have killed the bear if he got his hands on him. Maybe he’ll say it was staged to save face, but he could have simply gone to the concession stand and asked for another beer and I’m sure they would have given it to him.

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